Need Ideas for Future Broadcasts?

Need Ideas for Future Broadcasts?
Topics That Any Small Business Can Write About

Michel, I've included a great cheat sheet below of ideas you can use to spur great newsletter content. The more questions and problems your messages solve for subscribers the higher your engagement will be over time and the more successful your campaigns will be.

  1. Industry News/Insights That Can Impact Your Business
  2. Stretch Your Budget By Doing This With Our Service/Product
  3. How Our Service/Product Can Simplify Your Life
  4. Customer Spotlight
  5. Your Company History
  6. Ways to Connect With Us (Customer Service, Social Media, etc.)
  7. Case Studies
  8. Get to Know Our Team
  9. Lessons We've Learned in the Business
  10. Special Event Promotions
Looking for more great content ideas? We have lots of them in our blog!
Topics That Make for a Great Follow Up Series

Looking to keep up with your email marketing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? We suggest implementing a follow up message series to do the work for you! With a follow up series, you simply write your series of emails, choose the time interval you'd like them to send, and that's it.

If you have any ongoing topics that could be spaced out over a series of messages, you can create a follow up series. Here are a few topics that make for excellent follow ups:

  1. Steps/Guidance for Using your Service/Product (Like the one you're reading right now!)
  2. Series of Seasonal Discounts/Deals
  3. Industry Best Practices
  4. Survey Series Asking for Feedback, Suggestions, etc.
  5. Series of Inspirational Tips/Quotes
Follow up messages can be used along with broadcast messages so there is no need choose - just use both!
Stay Tuned for a Special Bonus!
We're so happy you've decided to stick around! To show our appreciation, we have a gift for you in our next email that will help elevate your email marketing even more.
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