About Me

The intention behind this site is to prevent my audience from falling into online scams and guide them on the road to profits. I am not going to lie about my financial online success, because hitherto, I have not made a cent from my ventures, make-believe is rampant on the internet, therefore I am quite sure you can find other gurus who have falsehood diplomas hanging on their walls.

In this case, generating income is irrelevant as answerability is only an appendix to good counsel. For example, let’s focus on the guys who load the ATMs with cash, obviously, the money does not belong to them, but that fact does not interfere, millions of individuals still get liquid by sliding their cards. Even if employees don’t profit from ATMs like the first engineers did, the whole course of action is trustworthy. The ATM is a good invention, it works. Nevertheless, not everyone tied to it earns commissions. Consequently, telling the owner of a convenience store it would probably be good for business to place an ATM on location is not an engagement to deceitfulness, rather, it is good advice given freely. Hence, in this site, I am building a bridge between my audience and good teachers.

Looking at life from another vantage point would coerce us to label Ed Sullivan insincere because his inability to match The Beatle's returns should have been a significant handicap. In other words, he grossed less than the band so he should have wiped them off the guest list. Absurd isn’t it? Ed Sullivans responsibility was to find the best talent, then introduce them to the masses. I am guessing here, but a personality who becomes the most famous host in American history probably did not entertain the following thoughts:

  1. I cannot play guitar like the Beatles, therefore, I am not worthy to promote them.
  2. I cannot sing Like Diana Ross so I cannot be tied to show business.
  3. I cannot jump around like Mick Jagger, so I must resign.

There is such a thing as an honest middle man, and commerce in general is resting on that footing.

With boasting removed from the picture, all I can offer is my simple experience which stemmed from years of inhaling online opportunities. I am proud of the outcome, as I now own a “Refined intuition.”

I feel ready to share some Competence, so enjoy.

In the movie Lying To Be Perfect one learns how society has managed to clone leaders who are willing to destroy those who happen to be on the lower levels of the pyramid. Al Pacino gives a good speech about this practice at the end of the movie Scent of Woman.

Lying to be successful is now rewarded and society places liars on pedestals. In this site, I chose to sail against the wind. I am not claiming to be able to make 700 dollars a day or 10,000 monthly. I am not partying on a yacht with playboy bunnies either, although the idea does electrify my imagination. I make zero. Nevertheless, to create a website, I had to take out my credit card to purchase hosting and tools. Well, starting to leave trails of business activity means one is about to get bombarded with tons of email offers. 99% of all headlines are cunning in tone. The following are copies of real emails I receive daily:

  • Welcome aboard
  • Work available
  • I owe you money
  • Did you ask for a refund?
  • You are missing out on a massive profit formula
  • You got paid over 10, 000 dollars
  • What is your paypal info, I want to send you cash
  • Your payment was sent
  • You commissions are waiting
  • Your life suck-here is why
  • Your payment is approved
  • I am not allowed to do this
  • About your account
  • My mistake
  • Hey! You have been tagged
  • Billion dollar loophole

Of course every time you open one of those emails, you are funnelled through a squeeze page that leads to a 30 minutes video. The first 20 minutes always shows a guy bragging about how much money his new system is bringing in. It is exhausting.