Advanced Blogging Ideas and Tips

Advanced Blogging Ideas and Tips

By: Michel Blais has purchased the rights to publish this content under his name.


Chapter 1. 2

What is Blogging. 2

Chapter 2. 4

Why is Blogging So Important for Internet Business?. 4

Chapter 3. 6

How to Start a Blog for Beginners - Choosing a Topic for Your Blog. 6

Chapter 4. 8

Guest blogging. 8

Chapter 5. 10

Professional Blogging. 10

Chapter 6. 12

Blogging Strategies. 12

Chapter 7. 14

Making Money through Blogging. 14

Chapter 8. 16

Auto Blogging. 16

Chapter 9. 18

What Are Benefits Of Blogging For Your Business?. 18

Chapter 10. 20

How to create amazing blogging ideas?. 20

Chapter 11. 23

Engage the readers using blogs. 23

Chapter 12. 25

Selecting the right blogging platform.. 25

Chapter 13. 27

Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging for Business. 27

Chapter 14. 29

Blogging Your Way to Article Marketing. 29

Chapter 15. 31

Can Blogging Lead to Successful Local Marketing Campaigns?. 31

Chapter 16. 33

Marketing of blogs through search engines. 33

Chapter 17. 35

Marketing with Photography through blogs. 35

Chapter 18. 37

The ultimate recipe to become a successful blogger. 37


Chapter 1

What is Blogging

In this high tech world, the pace of almost everything has changed. In earlier times, articles were sent to the newspapers which were published months later. However, technology has revolutionized the concept of publishing so much that now, you can simply publish your article within seconds of clicking a button! By saying this one can easily make out that what we will be talking all about in this book and yes it is none other than Blogging.

Many networking websites have given rise to the concept of Blogging. This word holds its roots from the word – Web-Blog, which is shorted to Blogging in order to make things simple. Blogging evolved in the 1990s and was introduced by Google which hosted The word ‘Blog’ was introduced by Peter Merholz in the 1999 and is therefore, a shorter version of the word Web-Blog. The earlier versions of the blogs were quite similar to the diary entries where people used to record their daily life details.

However, the dimension of blogging has drastically changed in the current times. People who run their blogs now cater to a huge audience who are actually able to follow and get updates of their daily blogs. Celebrities, politicians, charities and lots of other people are now venturing into the arena of blogging. Free blogging websites such as WordPress and Blogger are an inexpensive way for blogging to post their daily on-goings on their blogs. You may also find people posting daily tips, suggestions and tons of other ideas on to their blog posts. What is more encouraging is that people who are not fond of writing but fond of reading, tend to regularly follow particular blogs and leave their comments on them.

The corporate people are also using blogs to market their ventures, services and products. These blogs are just like forums to them where they can interact and gain huge market by generating popular blogs for people. A lot of people publicize and update their business products on their blogs, updating them daily and corresponding with the people who comment and inquire about the product features. This makes them market their products efficiently with excellent cost efficiency.

This book would tell you all about blogging so that in no time, you can be an expert of blogging. The only skill you need while blogging is the basic typing skill. The rest would surely come to you as you read this book. The upcoming chapters tell you about the importance of blogging and how beginners, guests or even professionals can use blogging. What’s more is that we would also tell you how to use blogging as an essential marketing tool and even on how you can make money by blogging! A lot of ideas on topics related to blogging are also mentioned in this book. Most importantly, we would also advise you on what mistakes to avoid while maintaining your blog.

Almost anybody can now start blogging as you do not need to have any computer programming knowledge. All you do is click ‘Publish’ and your blog would be posted. Almost all of the blogging websites let you get started right away with your work. They have many built in features that let you change the font, color or add images conveniently. Moreover, you can also personalize your blogging page by changing its themes and adding many features such as MP3s, built in games or even links to other web pages. You can also publish your blog link on the social networking websites that you commonly use. Moreover, people have the option to share your blog on their social networks and even email it to friends. The blogging world is not only restricted to these features only. In fact, you can actually earn money via your blogs without doing any hard work. All you have to do it post the advertisements on one side of your blog and with every click, you earn money!

The world of blogging would not only make you tempted to use it but also addicted to it. Your blog can reflect who you are, your personality and your preferences. On the other hand, even if you use your blog for business marketing, it would give a whole new dimension to your marketing approach. It is the best way to stay connected in this fast paced time where we get more time for the internet and lesser time to meet up. Your friends, family and clients can know what you are up to and you can conveniently socialize with them.

So read ahead in order to know further about how to optimize the use of blogging in order to stay connected with the world!


Chapter 2

Why is Blogging So Important for Internet Business?


The feature of blogging has gained importance in recent years. It has become one of the essential means of marketing on the Internet arena and it is sure to make the businesses not only to exist in the market but also to flourish. A blog is simple to install with the help of a click. Through the Word press program, you can easily avail the chance of blogging. As soon as the blog is installed, you can easily post any information which has the chance to get shared through the search engines on other various blogs and websites. Search engines have high regards for blogging as it is considered to provide up-to date information to the users. In addition, with the introduction of blogging, it is given more priority than emails as it provides the option of multimedia content apart that can be uploaded on your blog.

Furthermore, with the option of RSS feeds, it has become easy to float your information anywhere on the internet. If you already possess the database containing email contacts of people, you have the option of posting the link of your blogging newsletters through emails. In this way, you can make your friends aware of your blog. Moreover, the section of comments enables you to determine what type of information should be posted on your blog to increase the interest, enjoyment and satisfaction level of the users. Apart from this, the blog can be used in conjunction with the Google Ad Sense and other associated programs. In simple words, blogging can be used to inform the people, entertain them with interesting and interactive contents and generate profit. The element of loyalty builds up in the process automatically.

There are various other benefits of blogging that can make your business more competitive and successful.  They are discussed below.

  • By using the feature of blogging on the internet, it can pave the way for your business to declare yourself as a leading enterprise in the whole industry. The psyche of the consumers is such that they want to get associated with the businesses that are leaders in their own respective fields.


  • The second important benefit of blogging deals with the marketing aspect. Through blogging, your business is in a position to create an essential buzz of your business among the consumers and customers. It has been estimated that a large number of people including men and women devote a substantial amount of their time to different blogs on the internet. On top of this, if the people find it interesting, they usually pass the link to their relatives, friends and colleagues.


  • With the blogging feature, you can experience an increase in your business ranking on the search engines. Once your business gets into the top rankings, it has a promising chance to become a successful enterprise.


  • Last but not the least; the blogging option assists you in attracting a large number of consumers that may include both corporate and non-corporate consumers.


Chapter 3

How to Start a Blog for Beginners - Choosing a Topic for Your Blog


The feature of blogging has gained momentum in recent years. It has become one of the means to generate money online. The usage of this feature is between both for the beginners and the experienced bloggers. However, the beginners have taken the blogging function for granted. They see it as a fun and enjoyment activity. It has been observed that the amateur bloggers never conduct any research on the contents they are going to post on the blog. The important considerations for your content such as the demand and profit are ignored frequently.

The fact of the matter is the amateur bloggers are short of interesting topics on their blog. This type of approach is acceptable for the bloggers who have set up their blog to share their daily activities with their family members, relatives or friends. However, if your aim is to generate money on the blog, it is advisable to research in advance the important aspects of the blogging before setting it up. This is the professional approach which differentiates you from the amateur bloggers.

In this day and age, there are multiple sites that can assist you in learning the important aspects of blogging. However, the problem that arises in people’s mind is from where they should begin? Should they begin from the blog that is freely available or should they make an effort in creating their own domain name on the internet? What style of theme should be applied on the blog? Which criteria should be considered first? These are all sorts of queries that crop up when designing a blog. Therefore, it is always a good strategy to put in writing all the important considerations in making a blog.

The mistake done by many amateur bloggers is not planning in advance. It is vital to come up with different topics for the blog. Try to write down at least 10 topics that you may find it interesting for blogging. This is because when conducting research, you will find out that there are only one or perhaps two topics out of the ten topics that will be possible to research on.  Hence, it is always better to pick topics that you believe you can put substantial knowledge into.

As soon as ten topics are in writing, the next step should be to sort them according to your interest. Besides every topic stated, put sub-topics related to them. If you are unable to find any sub-topic for the main topics, then it is better to eliminate those topics as you would not have enough information in future.

The next stage would be to narrow down your topics to 2 or three topics and start the research process. The research can be done through the popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. These engines would assist by adding a great deal of information that is lacking in the blog contents.

Thus, in order to keep your blog running, it has to be updated regularly to keep the users interested and glued to your blog.


Chapter 4

Guest blogging

Like having a great voice is a gift of god, similarly writing is an art gifted by god to only few individuals. No matter anybody can improve and get better at it by time but people who have that in-built ability are actually the writers of today! When we talk about blogging, we find various blogs on various websites. By looking at the websites, we can identify easily who is a terrific writer!

Blogging has created hype among the youth of today. In fact many trainers even advice that everybody should blog in today’s world in order to brand themselves. In this chapter I would be talking about guest blogging which is too a very popular way to brand yourself if you are professionally interested in blogging. Even if you blog as a hobby then also you should guest blog. Who knows you may get a good offer by some professional personality!

Have you heard of the book “seven habits of highly effective people”?  I am sure everybody has heard and many would have read it too. In that book there is habit which talks about win-win situation, which means that both parties gain. Similar is the case with guest blogging, when guest blogging is done it is actually beneficial for the one who writes the post on some other site where he usually doesn’t and its beneficial for the host blogger (blog owner who owns the blogging site). Guest blogging is basically when a person posts a blog where he hasn’t done before or the site where he doesn’t belong and he has posted on such a site.

Now the reason why guest blogging is so advantageous for a writer is because of the following reasons

  • It helps an individual to get recognized when a lot of people visit and read his or her posts.
  • It helps in advertising for the writer who may get various opportunities if he writes well
  • It’s beneficial when writers give links from where their other posts can be viewed which help the writers to get noticed by personalities which may hire them for bigger projects.
  • Too much traffic may help the writer gain popularity.


The reason why it is beneficial for host blogger (blog site owner) is that the host blogger would get traffic in his site due to the guest blogs who are popular and written by some terrific writers.  Moreover when more people will visit the host blogger’s forum then he will get popular and he can then ask people to register for a charge if he used to let the writers post for free. He could then make writers’ work hard to get copied and etc.


Precisely, guest blogging is good if you want to advertise your posts like many people wish to and for that you will have to work hard and posts frequently on various platforms.


 Chapter 5

Professional Blogging

If you are one of the luckiest people on earth who is blessed with gift of God then you should use it wisely to serve the mankind. One of these arts I believe is the art of writing.  If you are a terrific writer and you are passionate about it then you must go for professional blogging.

Professional blogging is beneficial for many reasons. One of the best ways to market any business is through blogs and if your blogs are outstanding then popular businesses may hire you to write about their products and charge you more.  Starting from a smaller scale, if you want to blog professionally then you can write for firms starting from a low pay rate and once you are perfect in your work then you may ask for more. It’s important to have a good experience in blogging before you start professional work. That’s why young bloggers are asked to blog frequently so that they become perfect at their work and start their career professionally.

There are ways by which you can become a professional blogger. These are as follows:

  • Stay motivated and be eager to learn more and more. Do not consider blogging as a piece of cake. Remember that you have to spend hours to become a professional blogger. Remember that you do anything which has a good output needs to be done with full input and determination so when we talk about writing, you will have to learn a lot to be the popular blog poster.
  • Try to grasp information from somebody who has already done professional blogging. This way you will be guided towards the right path. Also keep in mind that if you want to earn a good amount in blogging then you must ask some professional who already earns a good amount in blogging. You will have to target those professionals who do blogging mainly for income if you are interested in the financial means. It’s a fact that if somebody wants to become a professional blogger then it’s rarely that he would not ask for money, he will definitely ask for a good amount or at least a decent pay.
  • One more thing you can do is that, you can join websites which will teach you about professional blogging and you may have to pay a fee for that but it will be worth.
  • Lastly writing is something which no doubt is gifted but one needs to be in practice in order to improve their skills. If somebody is an author today, we cannot say that he is the best writer of all. This is because learning in writing continues; you can never learn all the words. There will always be something which you don’t know so you will have to practice regularly in order to remain competitive.


Lastly I would want to tell you that you can also learn blogging with the help of compact discs. There are many available in the market and they will be good help for you!


Chapter 6

Blogging Strategies


The feature of blogging has been introduced as a social platform where people can share various types of information with their family members, relatives, friends and colleagues. Hence, this is the reason why majority of the online users do not consider blogging as part of the business strategies. However, both big and small enterprises are beginning to see blogging as crucial strategy for their businesses. It has become one of the successful mediums in attracting consumers from all segments of the society, building strong relations with the clients and eventually generating revenues.

The success lies in the way you think of blogging. If people have started blogging for fun, it does not necessitate you to start as well. This is the major reason why this type of attitude leads to failure.  The function of blogging has to be seen as an important element of the marketing campaign that can do wonders for the business if implemented properly. By many experts, blogging is regarded as “guerilla marketing”.

There are some important elements that will be helpful in formulating a successful blogging strategy for the business.

  • The element that can be exercised by the amateur bloggers is to affiliate themselves with the famous and credible blogs. There are multiple blogs on the internet to which you can become a part with. The important considerations that you need to keep in mind are the popularity and the amount of traffic the blog generates. Using this method, you can grasp the know-how of the blog in short span of time.


  • Business model selection is one of the important considerations for the business. This is where you do the thinking process in determining how the blog can fit your business model. It has to be in synchronization with your business model in order to avoid any discrepancies and misconception among the clients. It can be considered as the stepping stone for the following decisions.


  • The keyword research is the next component that needs your focus. It is the heart of the blogging strategy. It is very essential to have prime keyword and ten other related long keywords in order to sustain your category tag and contents.


  • Graphical representation plays an important role in giving a strong image to your blog and ultimately to your business. There are many templates that are freely available on the internet that you can make use of at the start. On the other hand, you can also invest in availing graphics of your own choice.


  • The other component that is gaining momentum is the search engine optimization which is dependent on the proficiency of your keyword research. There is non-stop growth in the WordPress function which is commonly used as a platform for blogging. It is very simple and easy to use. It is highly regarded by the Google search engine and provides additional plug-ins to make search engine optimization more automated and advance for the users.

Hence, having strategy in advance gives you a proper and easy direction for your business to grow and make profit. There is no perfect strategy as such. All it demands is proper research process for the blog.



Chapter 7

Making Money through Blogging


The function of blogging has become one of the ways to earn money. Each blogger has some kind of strategy to generate revenue. In this chapter we will be discussing how blogging can be used best for making money online. There can be ample number of strategies that can be applied to make money out of the blogging function few of which are discussed below.

One strategy that can be used to earn money is to use blogging just for money purpose. The blog provides various options that can enable to make money. One of the options involves placing the advertisements on the top or on sideways of your blog. The other way to make money is by inserting the anchor text links in your content through which you can direct the user to other pages that may include a sale page for products and services or other advertising stuff. In order to attract traffic to your blog, it is extremely vital for your blog to create awareness among the users. The fame of the blog would automatically attract the users to your blog.

In addition, the information on the blog has to be interesting and regularly updated to pull the users to your blog. In this way, the users develop passion and loyalty towards your blog by giving their feedback at regular intervals. Once the blog gets popular among the users; various companies step in to put up their advertisements on your blog. This leads to generating revenue for your business.

The other strategy that can be applied to generate money from your blog is by building an online network. This can be done by viewing various websites on the internet in order to determine the hotly debated topics. As a result, while designing your blog, it will let you know what sort of keywords and information need to be used on the blog to create interest and attention among the users.

In the same strategy, the next phase should be to interrelate and comment on the websites you think are interesting and involve heavy traffic. Try to provide some interesting, constructive and significant contribution on these websites. As a result, it would build your credibility in that particular community and would give you the promising chance to put up your links on that website to direct the users to your blog or website.

The third phase would involve playing up with your contents. The information should be interesting and not repetitive as it will make your contents authentic and informative for the readers. Moreover, you can add pictures and videos on your blog to create entertainment for your readers. Putting media on the blog makes it easy for the blog to get easily searched through dedicated Google image and video search options.

All in all, the above mentioned strategies for the blog pave the way for future business opportunities. The important thing that needs to be kept in mind is blogging is not the quick way to generate money. It needs considerable persistence, steadiness and interesting material for your blog to make it successful in long-term.


 Chapter 8

Auto Blogging

The term autoblogging is receiving a great deal of attention in recent years. It has been termed as a new phenomenon in the internet marketing world. Many of the people consider it to be a spam or scam, but it is nothing of that sort. In fact, auto-blog is a blog that has the capability to update itself with the support of additional plug-ins.

Autoblogging provides a good alternative for the people who find it difficult to give time and energy to blog in their hectic schedule. In order to distinguish your blog from other blogs on the internet, it is vital to put original and interesting material on the blog. This will generate huge traffic for your blog.  Moreover, auto-blog has the function to extract material from other various sources with the help of RSS feed.

The platform of WordPress offers free plug-ins that can assist your blog in automation. If you have a good sum of money, you can also buy some advance plug-ins. All the plug-ins has been created to perform a particular task and have unique ways to extract the material from the websites.

The auto-blogs can vary in their types. Many of the auto-blogs have been designed exclusively for products and services or for programs affiliation. This is because these kinds of auto-blogs are easier to set up.  As soon as the auto-blog is up and running, you do not have to give much attention. It takes the required contents from the sources available on the internet and generates money for you.

However, there are some bloggers who make use of the auto-blogging function for all the wrong reasons. Auto-blogging involves obtaining the legal authority from the websites to take their contents onto your blog. There are many bloggers who steals the vital contents from other websites and claim it to be their own. It can be beneficial in the short-term but would prove a disaster in the long-term.  Without the legal authorization, your blog is bound to get shut down.  Therefore, it is recommended for all the amateur bloggers to obtain the legal rights of the contents that will be transferred to your blog. In this way, your blog creates quality and credibility in the eyes of the users.

One of the benefits that you can avail through auto-blog is the contents taken from the publishers or putting their links on your blog. It makes your blog more diverse in nature and ultimately provides value to the readers. In addition, I would recommend you to put one or two unique posts a month regularly on your blog to make the readers get engaged on new issues. In this way, your readers will be glued to your blog.

Overall, the function of auto-blogging is very simple and easy to use. It requires less efforts and energy than the normal blogging once it is installed. There are many guidelines related to auto-blog on the internet that you can make use of while designing your auto-blog.



 Chapter 9

What Are Benefits Of Blogging For Your Business?

The function of blogging is becoming a need rather than a want for the businesses whether big or small. After creating the blog for the business, it needs to be kept updated with original and interesting material for the user. The usage of the blog provides various benefits for the businesses. They are mentioned below.

  • The first and foremost benefit for developing a blog is the regular interaction with your clients. In this way, you will know what your clients want and how they perceive your product or service. It leads to the two-way communication between the buyer and the seller. In addition, you can build close relationships with your clients that will build up trust and confidence. In other words, the option of blog puts a human face to your business or project.


  • By creating a blog, you can express yourself as an expert and specialist in the industry you are currently in. This is only possible if the blog is updated with original and interesting information that your users desire. It will make them engaged in your blog.


  • It has to be kept in mind that creating a blog would require zero cost compared to a website which can be quite expensive to make. It does not require technical skills. There are many platforms on the internet that provide the option of developing blog for your business for free such as and many more. Many people are of the opinion that publishing a blog is much easier and simpler than using Microsoft word office.


  • The use of blogging gives your business the benefit to answer frequently asked questions. Each user may have a question to ask. Hence, to save time and provide quick solutions to the users, you can create a frequently asked question (FAQ) section which will contain all those questions and answers that are asked by the new clients.


  • Through the blogging function, it provides a perfect opportunity to brand your business at an economical or zero cost to a much wider audience which may include both local and foreign. It will help you in creating brand awareness and brand image in the eyes and minds of the users.


  • Blogging can also be beneficial in supporting cultural change across your business. For instance, you can assign half a dozen people in your business to be corporate bloggers. The people chosen should possess open personality and excellent writing skills from a variety of sections within your business. Although, there will be some boundaries around the topic of discussion, but the point is to drive a cultural change programs towards a more open, accessible and dynamic business culture.


  • The function of blogging can be used to address any issues that may arise in your business. It is very easy for the issues to spiral out of control if the incorrect information finds its way into the public.


  • Lastly, blogging can be beneficial in testing new ideas for the business. Any new concept can be put to the public for their feedback.


 Chapter 10

How to create amazing blogging ideas?

The design and style of a blog site page is of critical value for many people. Different people have different preferences for their blog’s web page interface. Some people prefer to change the appearance of the blog at a regular interval and some go for just one permanent style.

The problem with copying the blogging ideas of other people is that you don’t really get satisfied. The blogs styles designed by other bloggers are usually the reflection of their personalities and points of view.

The secret of coming up with amazing blogging ideas is hidden in three words: Leave it simple! Readers usually go for simple blogs instead of complicatedly designed blogs because a crowded and confusing blog is a turn off and time consuming and people want everything to be quick and simple.

Another big blog-repeller is wrong combination and selection of colors. People who keep their blog too colorful or have wrong combination of colors usually get rejected by readers even before the content is uploaded. Too much coloration is not only an eye sore but it also looks immature. This makes the reader to close the window and go for another blog, so avoid haphazard mixture of colors!

Here is one more thing. Remain real! Keep yourself visible in all your posts and remain original. Readers can get easily annoyed by copied blog styles.

There can be a lack of satisfaction in the blogger himself upon having a copied idea. Reason being, that design does not completely represents them and their personality.

The best way to choose a design of your blog site is to take a minute and ponder over what impression you really like to leave on readers. Create a design which doesn’t only match your personality but also fulfils your needs. Here is an example: if your blog is about pictures that are related to dark side of the life, go for a theme which is dark and dull.

Similarly, having lively and sparkling themes on your blog is very unflattering if the photos represent sinisterly dark images. This will project you as an immature blogger who is not certain of what he wants to do.

Furthermore ideas listed below will further guide you to utilize them while writing for your blog site:

  1. Make a post about what happened with you at work or home

Generally, readers are not interested in your daily life, but it is being noticed that if you mention some nice things about someone or complain about something, people actually read it with interest and often would comment to share their thoughts!

But be careful when writing about some company or person. Do not use the actual names as you can get sued for propaganda. A local blogger XieXue has a readership of 10,000 people who like to read her blogs because she talks about government without editing the curses in her posts. She is the Paris Hilton of Singapore.

  1. Write about 5 problems that you faces at your work or business.

How hard is it to compile 5 problems that you are currently facing at work? Not difficult right? So write about the problems that you are encountering so people can relate their problems to it. And to make it more worthy, include what you think can be the solution to that problem. People will always have something to share.

  1. Review the blogs of other people

When I began to blog I was used to run out of ideas of what to write a post about. And I can bet that many of you have been facing this problem too! What I did was that I started to write reviews about other people’s blogs.

You don’t necessarily have to criticize; you can post about things like:

- The things that their blog taught you.

- What attracts you about their blog?

- The topics those bloggers write about

  1. Read online articles and rewrite them

I love doing this because not only does it help me grow and learn but it helps me to always have something to write about! I just visit an article directory and do a search with keywords about the topics that interest me.

Then I read about three similar articles and then copy the content and rewrite it in my words in my own way. You have to be really careful of plagiarism because just copying one sentence from an online article got me in trouble in the past.

  1. Post a Blog about your blogging experience

To me, writing about this topic is most consequential and always get most comments from bloggers because they have all been at the point or have been through same experience.

Precisely posting a blog is not very difficult task all you need to do is to show some creativity in your writing and to write something that is interesting for the users to read, it will then automatically increase the readers of your blogs.


Chapter 11

Engage the readers using blogs


On internet, you have the liberty to type long stories; put funny videos and funny links on your Facebook wall, or tweet till you feel like you have covered almost every topic on this earth. In short, a lot of space on the web is covered with your creatively written content, but this content would be of no use if there aren’t many people out there who are accessing your content. Having about thousand of Facebook fans or more than 500 followers on twitter isn’t that great achievement when not even 30% of them come regularly to the page to see what’s new.

We generally determine the success and efficacy of a certain article by evaluating the feedback given by the public. If it is twitter, we count the numbers of “retweeted” posts or number of time that content is being shared over several platforms. In some other cases, the success rate is determined by the number of people who “Digg” the article or click on the youtube link on your page. However on personal blogs, it is the analytics and the comments which matter the most. Your blogs must answer the following few questions like, is your blog the voice of many people out there? Can people relate to it and are motivated to share their thoughts? If the answer is anything but yes, then there might be something not right with your blogging content.

Does that mean blogging has some rules? No. there isn’t really any rule. Blogging is the emblem of freedom which means a blogger can put almost anything he wants to share with the world or wants to bring attention to. A blogger can even take help from videos and hypertext to link the readers with related information anywhere on internet. You can also make money through blogger by monetizing your blog by affiliating it with advertisements and links of services and products. Active blogging means increasing your outreach to the people, here you should remember that the only key to have regular readership is by blogging to readers. This will encourage the readers to post their feedback. Below mentioned are few points that you can include in your blog for increasing the readership of your blog

Ask Questions: Use your blog to let people discuss and talk after tossing a question towards them. This is an important factor to ascend as an authority-holding blogger. Debates and encouraging readers to share their point of views not only create a good atmosphere for them to interact but also help you by increasing the flow of reader’s traffic on your blog.

Accept Criticism: Keep in mind that no one is invulnerable of negative comments and feedback. Internet is not a perfect world and controversies take place with every click. So when you see a hate-post on your page, do not reply back violently but take a moment and read it rationally to find out what made the reader to negate your views about the certain topic. The thought to delete the post may cross your mind, but leave the comments intact and deal with the reader gracefully.

Remain Topical: Talk about what’s hot! The secret to remain popular with readers is to write about the topics that are new and in vogue. Do not blog about some story that took place two years ago when the latest trend was about two famous celebrities’ break up. Use humor as a tool and experiment with different topics to see what your readers’ response is and what topic is your forte.


Chapter 12

Selecting the Right Blogging Platform


If you are a marketing student and currently studying in a business university and still you don’t have a blog of your own then it means you don’t exist. Recently I attended a seminar conducted by a professional trainer who told the audience that people who don’t blog actually do not exist! We were asked to start blogging by writing daily about something which happened with us during the day, so this chapter is basically about how you can start blogging by choosing the right blogging platform. In the previous chapter we have been discussing about different types of blogging and their strategies, now we will discuss which platform is right for you to use for publishing your content.

I would be sharing some tips regarding the blogging platforms which will be of great help for you. Firstly you need to consider some things which will be essential for you when starting blogging and selecting a platform. So the tips are as follows.

  • Identify your goals- if you want to pursue your career in blogging later on in your life then you may choose a platform which will be completely different from the platform which people join just for hobby. Many people find blogging interesting but do not wish to do any professional work, such kind of people choose totally different platforms.
  • After you have identified the goal behind the reason you want to blog, you will then need to see your budget. This is a crucial step which you cannot skip. There are free platforms, however if you wish to hide your work from being copied then you will have to get a domain name and you may have to pay for hosting too.
  • There are few things which you need to learn while making a blogging website. You will have to look for those platforms which are easier to operate. You will have to work upon things which will be helpful for you. In case you face any problems in making a blog website you can hire some professionals or etc to guide you.
  • I used to read a friend’s blog regularly; however one day the blogging platform was no more where I could read those blogs! My friend told me that she was unaware about the platform and many platforms are for short term blogging. So the reason why I am telling you this is because you will have to see whether you want your blogs to be there for a long time or not. So you better choose a platform which stays for a long time so that your work can be appreciated. Moreover this way you won’t have to change your platforms again and again if you stick to a right platform.

Most websites are for free and many students may start blogging on such websites however there is a disadvantage of doing this. These websites may delete your posts without informing you which would lead to disasters if your work is valuable. However when you choose websites which provide you with a domain name or hosting, you will not lose your work. Although in the beginning nobody wants to pay for a domain name until and unless they are interested in blogging for professional reasons.

Once you start blogging you will find it fascinating and interesting. You can follow the above mentioned tips to join the right platform and start blogging right away.



Chapter 13

Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging for Business


Do you think people still wants to read your blogs even if you have made errors? No! if they continuously find errors in your blogs then gradually they would stop visiting the page where they can read your blogs and it may be useless to write blogs after then. Thus my core concern for this chapter is to discuss what are the possible errors that you can make while blogging and how they can be avoided. If you are interested in blogging then you have to be sure that you don’t create some silly errors which may lead you to fall from the competition. I will be talking about some errors which are as follows:

  • If you don’t have more to write, then don’t. You don’t have to write silly things which may lead you in trouble. It’s better to write what you know; you may talk about the general things but remember that you are not writing nonsense. Never be so sure of something you do not know.
  • It’s essential to understand how your software program works. It will be a loss if readers do not find what they want. Don’t have blogs that are difficult to navigate.
  • Many a times I see advertisements on the top of the page which is very disturbing at times. Secondly these advertisements are blogs which have less information and more pictures. Even if they have good content then also they are frustrating at times so if they continue to exist then readers may not want to visit your page again. That is why it’s better to avoid such errors as I am sure you don’t want to lose your readers.
  • One very vital thing about blogging is that you should keep in mind that you are targeting the niche market not the mass market. You may feel like talking about general stuff but believe me many readers would not want to come again to read your blogs if you keep on writing general stuff. Blogging is for niche market. Aren’t we different from each other? Yes! We are so, we all have different needs and think different and because of that we all want to know about different things hence we may never end up reading the same blogs.
  • You should be aware of the current situations and updates. Try reading other people’s blogs, readers digest, and news channels like CNN and other local channels. Try attending workshops and seminars which would make you meet and hear different minds. This way you’ll be able to write better when you blog.
  • Lastly, it’s very important that you blog regularly because if you blog once in a blue moon, then you readers may even turn up once in a blue moon. Hence it’s your duty to write frequently so that you don’t lose your readers.


In short, I would want to say that try avoiding these errors if you are professionally interested in blogging and am sure if you do so then you’ll be a successful writer one day!


  Chapter 14

Blogging Your Way to Article Marketing

Recently, when I was attending a conference, the trainer seemed to emphasis on blogging. Somebody from the audience asked if they could use their articles on their blogs and the trainer shouted yes! Definitely you can use articles as a source of marketing.

Article marketing is quite popular and vital these days and it’s good to use your best written blogs and articles for publicity. You may use your articles in different ways when blogging and in this chapter we will be discussing the same thing that how differently you can use your articles while blogging

  1. If you have an article on let’s say seven good habits, then you can break all those seven habits and make seven blog posts out of it! Yes isn’t that a smart way to use your articles? It is definitely.
  2. You may begin your article in a blog post however article is very detailed so what you can do is place a more button which may attract your reader if your content is outstanding.
  3. You may use a very attractive title to capture the attention; in this third strategy what you can do is you can stop in the middle of your post where you think the writer would want to read more and place a “click here” tab there. By doing so you will be able to gain a lot of traffic.


I personally think that articles are a piece of detailed information, whenever we want to search some things we often Google them. In fact we always Google them and when we find a relevant article we thank the person who has written that meaningful information. So I believe that if you have written some popular articles then you can keep them on the internet by looking for different directories and place them for free which would make people appreciate you. Now how this works is a long story. It can work in many ways. One of the ways can be that you keep your articles free and give a link of your blog site etc at the end, this way people may end up thanking you for your blogs and you may end up reading your blogs. Yes! I know you are glad after reading the previous statement, indeed it’s a smart act and at the end you’ll have more and more people reading your blog posts and thanking you for your work which helped them a great deal. You may have those things like Google stats counter and Google analytics to measure the number of people visiting your posts. It will show the success of your articles and make you feel proud.


A very important thing which you will have to remember is that you will have to offer quality contents to your readers and it should be the case always! Never ever compromise on your writing as if once the readers finds some error, then they may hesitate to come back and read your posts. When you are being appreciated for your work then try to improve and get better at writing with time.






Chapter 15

Can Blogging Lead to Successful Local Marketing Campaigns?


Success is undefined in today’s world. Some people may gain at something and define it as their success while some may fail and also define it as their success because they feel that in their failure they have gained an experience. You’ll see many people blogging today writing about their lives in expressive ways. There are businesses which are successful but maybe they are not good at publicizing themselves. In this chapter we will be talking about how businesses can launch victorious marketing campaigns through blogging and what are the key pointers which one needs to be careful about when launching this campaign.

Do you own a business?  Are you interested to market your business? If the answers to these questions are yes then you need to know what blogging is. Blogging is a way to market your business and is taken as one of the most fruitful ways where a business owner can get publicity. However it is not easy, one needs to do more than just registering any blogging platform and writing blogs daily. If you are focused on launching an effective marketing campaign then you will have to follow steps which would lead to your success.

Blogging will help you to market your company in an excellent way and for that you’ll have to be careful about certain elements.

  • Blog name should be attractive. It should be different, according to the business and should be recognized easily.
  • Descriptive titles should be used more often when blogging, as when a reader googles something, they may find your blog if you have kept a descriptive title. The reason why this happens is that this descriptive title helps to match the reader’s search key words which are good way to let your blog page appear on the search engine. A reader may want an article on a broad subject and if you have descriptive headings then you are at gain.


  • It is must to have a about section in your blog where readers and customers can find more about your business. By doing this people will trust your business and may rely on your products.


  • Today it is a must to have facebook, twitter or any other popular social network’s link at the end of your blog. This way people will be able to link with you on these social networks and may find about you, this further leads to a trust worthy relationship and helps in promoting your product. Also you may add options like share on facebook or share on twitter which will make your blog popular.


  • You may interact with your reader through email. By being social they may be able to tell you what they want if they are your customers. It’s helpful to gain feedback this way.

Blogging is good when you want your product to get popular and you may not have other options. There are many websites where you may get help about blogging and you can even get DVDs about blogging.



Chapter 16

Marketing of blogs through search engines



The knowledge of marketing through the search engines is very critical if you want to be a successful blogger, since it is one of the most used ways to attract traffic towards your blog.

There are many ways to attract traffic towards your blog but there is nothing better than having your blog showing up in the first search page of all the famous search engines. This will give your blog a constant and guaranteed traffic throughout the day.

To be honest, making it to the list of the search engines is not very difficult, but making it to the TOP 20 positions is a hard nut to crack. Generally being listed on the top ten positions are considered definitely ideal, but if your blog is on the first two pages, then voila! You will get a readership soon.

So, how to get better at marketing through search engines? Your short term goal is to get listed on search engines and long term goal is to make it to the top twenty.

One way to attract the search spiders is to start out with writing few articles about certain topics and get them submitted to the online article services directories. You can easily find people who offer article services at reasonable rates. Another way to get listed is by adding a blog to your site. Preferably, blogger blog because it is owned and generated by Google which means you are guaranteed to be listed soon! If you do not like to use blogger, you can switch to your own site once your blog is listed.

After you get listed, make your position get better by optimizing each page of your site with the topic of the given page. Since every page is listed separately in search engines, optimize your pages separately. It is your index page that in basically focused by search engines, so focus on that page and make it flawless. It is possible that once you get on the top list, a page other than index page gets the better position.

Since there is the possibility of your blog being published on the top list by Google or any other search engine put the link to your website on the blog pages. Place it on your side bar so there is an increased chance of your website being clicked on and your readership is increasing.

Improving your index page is an important part of increasing the chances in being on the top list. Make it more attractive for the search engines. Choose the best keywords or search terms for every index.

Keep in mind that the title of your content must be longer than the keyword itself. For instance, if your keyword is ‘lock Design’ the title can be “History of the Lock Design”. Type the keywords in the H1 tags which will let the algorithms of search engines know that there is important content related to the keyword.

To make sure that the search engines do consider your content valuable, use the related keyword very often. It should appear in the first 100 words and in the last paragraphs of the pages. Use it to a limit, but don’t overdo it.

Chapter 17

Marketing with Photography through Blogs



A unique style of doing marketing online is with the use of photography on your blogs and this chapter is dedicated for this style of marketing. Let us assume that you are a photographer for wedding and you are going to attend a trade show of brides, you can make this blog entry the most amazing post! You can use an ordinary video/ audio recorder and interview people who are somehow involved in the wedding. That includes florists, cake decorators, and gown designers and so on. Make sure you get their permission before recording.

You can find a good video camcorder at Amazon for under $200 of good quality. Or a common digital video recorder will also work well in this case. Chose carefully designed questions for your interview, record it and then post them directly at your blog.

Video Testimonials of Clients – Testimonials are no doubt the best way of advertisements. So with the permission of your client, get face-to-face with them and conduct an interview which is quick yet precise. You can give it a little informal touch if the interviewee is interested.

Audio Testimonials of Clients – If the interviewee is not comfortable with video interview, audio testimonials can always be used. The interviewee can easily dial into your Audio account of acrobat and leave an audio testimonial. Then that mp3 file can be uploaded to your blog.

Slide show of the pictures with music in the background, think of it as visual storytelling. Video tableaus set a mood of the readers and give you a chance to show your other abilities as well. You can make use of iMovie or similar video editing software and make a montage yourself or get the services of a professional.

Here is another quick idea for you that will increase the number of your subscribers:

Let us use the wedding photographer example again. You can create a digital product out of the interviews and pictures that you took and make it available for download. But in exchange, ask the visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Moreover, you can make a title for that product and sell it and make money. We also recommend the use of the mailing list service. You can add an email subscribing form and encourage the visitors to sign up.

One thing that you need to make sure is that your content is relevant and interesting. It should grasp the interest of your readers and should add to their knowledge. These are the key factors which will impress the readers and make it worthy for them to give their email to you.

You are also granted with the permission based system which allows you to get in touch with your readers and get them updated about the things that your blog is going to offer.

The best way to make the readers keep coming back to your blog is to provide them all the relevant information and updates at one-stop. This will not only make them subscribe to your page but also appreciate your efforts.



Chapter 18

The Ultimate Recipe to Become a Successful Blogger

A blog is in fact the base of your outreach to the marketing world. Many companies use blogging as an advertising tool; but not successfully. And their flaw lies in the fact that they use blog as a platform to expose their products to the world. What should they do? They should use the blog as a platform to advertise their products and give related valuable information to the readers which will not only impress them but will also give something to stay longer at your page and explore.

So what is the correct way to use a blog for online advertisement?

The first step always is to get the readers’ attention by building the base by providing relevant information in an interesting way. This interest will cause them to consider buying your product. This will not only help you sell the product but also become the master of the field.

What should the blog contain?

  1. Solve problems. You will eventually be able to get a steady readership if your blog offers solutions to some related common problems.
  2. be provocative. Generate some heated discussion by talking about some controversial topics.
  3. Encourage interaction. Let the readers share their thoughts. This will attract readers.
  4. Save time. Write most precise and informative content that you can come up with. Wasting time will repel readers.
  5. Feel free to ask for contributions. Your colleagues, or customers, even friends can also add to the content and comments.

Why is blogging so important? Because

  1. Blogs are search engine friendly. Keep your blogs updated because that will attract the search engine spiders. With your every new entry, a new page is set up in the index of search engine which in turn generates the additional listing. Thus more traffic is attracted and search engines add your blog page to the listing.
  2. Blogs are low-priced or in the most cases, free! You do not need to depend on expensive IT sections but just use an open source soft ware and get your own blog page.
  3. It is very easy to update and run a blog. The key is to keep the updating at a constant rate which will not only result in increment of sale but a better bottom line too.

The best thing about blogging is that your updates are automatically spread all across the web, including promotion on twitter, Facebook and other social sites. Once you get a readership, it is your responsibility to keep the readers happy by posting quality posts and interacting with them.

Blogging has a lot of challenges about it, biggest ones being posting interesting post which are informative too. Post about your services and other relevant information like trends, stats or maybe external links. Think outside the box. But do not overdo it. It should be informative but not a hub of nerds.

One more suggestion: make sure that you promote the policies and priorities of your company. Get your blog be supervised by executives of communications and marketing because that will give you more authority and will help in generating new sales. In the end I would say that Blogging is not a difficult task. Anyone can do it! And not only is it low-priced or maybe priceless, it has countless advantages.