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Creating Results From Blogging (Part One)
David Wood / January 3, 2015 / Tags: blogging, traffic generation
Creating the results you want blogging comes down to a few simple steps.

Blogging daily (starting with the 21 day blogging challenge).
Promoting your blog content daily.
Being consistent with steps one and two.
That’s it.

Today I’m going to talk about posting the right kind of content.

If you’ve been marketing online for long you’ll notice people have a tendency to dispense advice. When you start blogging, you’ll hear 10 different strategies from 10 different people.

Most of who, have just started blogging themselves.

But that’s not the confusing part.

Usually there are 2 polar opposite pieces of advice when it comes to writing content.

The first advice goes something like this:

Craft highly optimized posts designed to rank for very specific keywords in the search engines.

Like publishing a blog post to rank for ‘top 10 home based business opportunities’ and titling your blog post ‘top 10 home based business opportunities’.

(I’ll talk more about traffic later, but for now will focus on getting traffic from search engines).

Sometimes, focusing on creating highly optimized blog posts will result in higher rankings, faster. Which in turn creates more traffic.

Like going to the Google Keyword Planner, and finding specific keywords to target with your blog posts.

If you’re careful, and follow the rules – publishing highly optimized content will increase your chances of ranking for profitable keywords.

Although you might find yourself praying to the Lord each night – hoping Google doesn’t penalize your blog for over optimization.

This generally isn’t a good option.

It’s easy to see why when you look at the most popular sites on the Internet. None of them ‘write for the search engines’.

They’re told to create good content that people want to read.

You can equally listen to the opposite advice, that goes something like this:

“Write blog posts about nonsense, like your favorite animals, green smoothie recipes and other topics that are totally unrelated to your business”.

Sometimes I do this, purely to engage my current audience.

Or because I enjoy sharing my Kung Fu videos.

But – it’s questionable if any Kung Fu enthusiasts find my video, watch it and decide to join Empower Network.

Although some of the time, posting about randomness can create infinitely more traffic because randomness usually has less competition and more traffic.

(Like re-posting viral videos, fart pranks and so forth)

However – this is about getting results consistently.

You do this by writing about your business, and its most closely related topics.

Write about topics your target audience are searching for; without worrying about getting ranked on Google for specific keywords or search terms.

That’s how popular blogs are built.

Posting high quality, relevant blog posts. Without optimizing for keywords or dealing with any other SEO shenanigans.

If you’re inside Empower Network, you might want to write about:

Internet Marketing
Network Marketing
Personal Development
Anything that will attract the right kind of people to your blog.

Blogging daily, with this kind of content is the first step to getting results blogging.

Not chasing SEO tricks.

Not searching for shortcuts.

Not optimizing all your content to rank for extremely specific keywords.

When you blog daily, with relevant content; Google is going to pick it up.

Google will pick it up and rank it automatically for relevant keywords.

Google rankings and traffic, will become a by-product of your content.

Create content that will attract the kind of people you want reading it.

That’s all you need to know to get started blogging.

What kind of people do you want in your business?

Who do you want reading your blog posts, joining your email list?

Maybe stalking your Facebook feed?

Answer those questions, and creating content becomes a lot easier.

It’s as simple as asking what content those people want to read, and what they want to learn about.

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself sitting there late at night; struggling to come up with a good blog post.

Just like right now.

But relax, and ask yourself what does your audience want to learn?

Focus on what you know.

That’s how you create compelling content, that attracts natural rankings and traffic.

All that’s left is giving it a little nudge.

Placing links to it around the Internet.


Promote your blog in the right way, and you’ll never have to worry about SEO or any other mundane blogging stuff again.

Traffic should be a by-product of good content and simple promotion.