Empower Network Guru Training

Hey Guys.

Today I have watched David’s Bootcamp Day 6 video. Not only did this video blow my mind, I find it simply amazing how the universe can bring us the knowledge we need to succeed. I noticed many years ago, that business is shifting online. Well! I didn’t only notice, I lived it. In other words, I kept working places that were affected by the shut down of a shut down of shut down. You know what I mean folks, when GM was near bankruptcy, you could feel the anxiety of suppliers, many appeared on CNN. The message conveyed was that if GM shuts down, it will have a terrifying domino effect.

Actually, here in Quebec, a plant the size of a small town got flatten by an army of bulldozers giving birth years later to a shopping mall. Yes you guessed right, a company that had received close to 500 million dollars in Government handouts disappeared overnight. I do not remember how many employees lots their jobs, but taking into account the domino outcome, it raised the insecurity ambience to a level never felt before in our Province.

The foregoing should help us imagine the following;

You are the only one left standing on a battlefield, only two options remain, you either surrender or take the pill.

After witnessing the collapse of so many Big Companies, or should I say, after seeing them drop out of the race, I concluded that those who do not shift to online strategies are history.

However, considering I knew absolutely nothing about online business, lots of homework was logically on the agenda. So I started to enter these KEYWORDS in YOUTUBE, (make money online, home income, traffic, monetizing websites, ect…) the point is, whichever keyword typed, it always directed me to THE HIGH TRAFFIC ACADEMY.

So I decided to watch Vick in action for a few minutes. I found that this Guy was a really good teacher. He was the only chap who got straight to the point whereas all the others went on and on about how much money they were making. Most of the time, they made you go through 30 minutes of testimonials, it was exhausting. Vick started shooting immediately, he kind of reminded of RAMBO. Perhaps we should call him THE TRAFFIC COMMANDO.

You see, the initial plausible factor every beginner faces, is this; If one wants to dive into internet marketing, where does one find a product to sell?

Vick covered every single detail and made everything look elementary. Let’s face it, the man has an extraordinary teaching talent. By watching his videos, I learned about Affiliate Marketing. To make a long story short, for instance, I unearthed Clickbank and how simple it was to use their system. Ok! I will really give the impression of being an idiot by admitting this but, I didn’t even know what a campaign was. I heard that Google were selling keywords, but I never heard of AdKnowledge before. These may appear to be small details, but believe me, in the end, details make a big difference. The information Vick was sharing is simply too time consuming to list here but it does subsequently lead to a finale.

About two months after landing on Vick’s training, a partnership with the Empower Network was broadcasted all over the YOUTUBE, it was the launching of the INTERNET TRAFFIC FORMULA. GUESS WHO he then appeared on stage with? THE EMPOWER NETWORK GANG. In the aggregate, every word typed on YOUTUBE from this point on connected me with THE EMPOWER NETWORK.

For example, when I wanted to learn about blogging, I typed the KEYWORD (blog), not knowing it would pop up a series of videos wherein a militia of bloggers claimed the best platform to be THE EMPOWER NETWORK blog. Apparently, out of all blogging systems, THE EMPOWER NETWORK had the best ALEXA rating. Of course, my curious nature was responsible for steering me down the ALEXA avenue. I discovered it was not an easy rating to achieve.

I thought, Jesus, these guys are everywhere. I investigated deeper into the blogging universe and found out I could use WORDPRESS to build my own blog for free. So I did. But other videos from the EMPOWER NETWORK team argued that free blogs don’t attract any visitors. In return, they were promoting their structure for a small monthly fee. So I decided to invest 25 dollars for the BLOG, without knowing it would link me to an arsenal of video training.

Now here is the promised Finale, Dave is truly the teacher I needed into my life and like I mentioned earlier, the cosmos delivered. I truly appreciate his ethical standard. Being a Christian, the only teacher I ever admired was Jesus, but Dave is beyond doubt, inspiring. Consequently, the remarkable presence of THE EMPOWER NETWORK all over the internet is understandable. It is due to exceptional Guru skills.