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Whats up Michel? Hope you're feelin' great...

In my previous email I talked about getting Parasite properties
ranked highly and bringing in targeted traffic for you fast...

(Parasite properties are videos, pages & social profiles you create
on authority sites such as youtube, blogspot, prweb, etc)

I hope I've drilled into your beautiful brain 🙂 that this is one
of the most effective SEO strategies that exist today...without the
fears & complications of ranking your OWN websites.

But, the question is, are you making the absolute best use of your

In other words, are you extracting the highest value from each
visitor you receive?

Look, increasing the lifetime value (LV) of each visitor you
generate is the sure-fire way to reach 6-figures...even 7-figures.

And the best way to increase lifetime value is to capture visitors
as Leads/Subscribers and then make high-end, recurring offers to
these Leads. Its very important that the offers be truly
'transformative'...something that will help your subscribers
positively transform one aspect of their life.

The offers you make should be filled with tremendous, immediate

But what if 1)you're not an expert at anything, 2)you don't have a
high-end product or service to sell, and 3)you're not even sure who
to sell it to?

I believe the *best* opportunity for you today is to work with
small businesses, because you're already an expert in the eyes of
small business owners who don't even know what an autoresponder is!

Let that sink in for a are perfectly positioned to be
a 'small business expert' because of the time you've spent learning
this internet marketing stuff...even if you don't have any real

Moreover, its easy to make $5K-$12K per year from a single small
business...and there are more than 25,000,000 of them you can
target in the United States alone (think of all the other countries

Look, I think Niche Marketing is great...such as fitness, IM,
gardening or whatever else you may be interested in.

You should continue to build a base in at least 1 niche you like.

BUT, I truly believe that the biggest, fastest & easiest
opportunity for you to build a SIX or SEVEN figure business is to
help small businesses get more traffic, leads & customers.

Every BIG internet marketer I know operates in a niche AND provides
some type of service/coaching/consulting to businesses. Its just the
smartest way to grow and diversify your Ebiz.

Its what I do. I operate in the sports, fitness & industrial
supplies niches...

And I also help Small Businesses get more traffic, leads &

So keep that in mind...eventually you want to launch some type
of 'marketing agency' in which you help other businesses get
more traffic, leads & customers.

In my future emails, I'll show you:

1) What kind of offers to make to small businesses (without needing
to create a product of your own)

2) How to makes these offers to them so they buy (even if you're not an
expert at anything and can't spend on advertising)

3) How to automate/outsource everything while getting them the best
possible results (this can be done on a very small budget)

Keep an eye on my future emails for more details.

In the meanwhile, here's something very simple to start with...

You can simply create these parasite properties
for small businesses in your area and charge them for the traffic/leads they
receive...or simply charge a flat-rate for advertising.

You own/control the properties, they pay you for the exposure. Its simple.
This way, you can choose who YOU want to work with. They never have
ownership or authority over you, and you can fire them if you want.

Ok, as promised, in the rest of this email I'm going to talk about
the tools & resources I use for outsourcing the promotion work
involved in ranking parasite properties...

- For social bookmarks, forum post backlinks, blogcomments and
wikilinks, your two best options are LinkEmperor or Fiverr.
Linkemperor has a monthly fee, and on Fiverr I've been very happy
with 'Crorkservice' as a provider.

- For getting links from nicheblogs & article directories, I like
to use UniqueArticleWizard, PostLinks & LinksManagement.

- For high PR linking, I like Backlinks, LinksManagement and the
Classified Ads section of WarriorForum and DigitalPoint.

- For press releases, the most cost-effective service is PRBuzz,
but I like to use ABNewsWire.

The only other thing you need is cheap content to distribute to the
niche blogs and article favorite source for this
type of content is I Need Articles by Jon Leger.

Ok, so hopefully now you have a solid game plan for creating and
ranking Parasite propreties for fast traffic...

Remember, you can create these Parasite properties for you niche
offers AND to help small businesses drive traffic & leads...just
like I do.

Every single skill you learn can be leveraged into building your
income stream.

I'll be back in my next lesson with powerful techniques for
building your buyer list quickly, so stay tuned.

Hanif Q


3254 S.104th Street, Miltown, WI 53224, USA
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