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Dear Michel,

The other day I was sitting at one of our local coffee shops on a
College campus...has a really laid back feel to it.

I happened to observe the owner who was working behind the service
counter and running the show. Even though he seemed like a nice
guy, I couldn't help but think to myself how 'unscalable' his
business model is.

His coffee shop had weird opening/closing hours and he was clearly
trying to cut costs, so if he wanted to grow & scale his business,
it would be incredibly difficult for him to do so.

On the other hand, I feel really blessed that with
Internet Marketing, I have the opportunity to setup truly scalable,
highly automated systems that can take my income to the level I

This means you truly can 'choose' an income goal and pursue it

Which brings me to my next point...

If you're going to stack your income and grow it over time,
the last thing you want is Google crashing your party.

Sure, you can diversify your traffic through Facebook, Youtube,
Paid Ads and Email...

But there are some steps you can take to stay on Google's good side
with your website rankings:

By the way, everything you've learned in my lessons is making you
an SEO ninja 🙂 giving you the ability to drive targeted traffic in any
niche you choose (as long as its not hyper-competitive).

The first thing I need you to do is DISREGARD everything you've
learned about Parasite SEO. That is right, when it comes to ranking
your own website, the rules completely change. Parasite SEO does
not apply.

Here's the reason why: Your own domain doesn't have real authority,
it doesn't have extremely strong back links and its not one of the
most visited sites on the web.

Your own domain is virtually invisible to Google, it doesn't have a
strong reputation.

For that reason, you can't just go out and blast back links to your
own domain. Spammy tactics just won't work, they'll get your site

So in this lesson, I just want to tell you what NOT to do
with your own domain:

1) Do not use machine spun content on your own website

2) Do not stuff keywords anywhere on your site

3) Limit the use of duplicate content on your site

4) Never point forum profile links, wiki links or blog comments to
your site (unless these forums, wiki sites & blogs are truly strong
sites relevant to your niche, which will only be a few)

5) Never use MASS social signals & links, such as mass social
bookmarks, Likes, Google +1's and Tweets. In other words, don't use
automated software that generate these social signals in bulk.

6) Do not use publicly advertised private blog networks. This is an
entire lesson on its own. I'll cover this in detail at a later time.

7) Do not use publicly advertised article submission services. Don't
get back links from article directories.

8) Do not use link exchange networks or scripts (if you don't know
what this means, look up 'link exchange')

9) Avoid web directory submissions. Most web directories are
garbage, except for a few.

... basically, don't build back links in a way that appears
unnatural and spammy. Usually, if there's software involved in
building the links, or its an entire network setup just for the
purpose of building links, its better to stay away from it!

Google will rock your rankings harder than an earthquake...and your
site's traffic will collapse.

Ok, so now that you know what NOT to do, in the next lesson I'll be
back with what you SHOULD do.

Remember, Parasite SEO is entirely different from Website SEO, so
don't get confused about what you learned in my earlier lessons.

Keep a Ninja mindset and adjust your battle tactics according to
each individual enemy.

Stay winning,

Hanif 'the Ninja SEO' Quentino


3254 S.104th Street, Miltown, WI 53224, USA
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