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Dear michel,

Let me start by saying that I'm really glad to have you here.
The 'Digital World' can get kind of lonely at times. As full-time
internetmarketers, we don't have as much 'face to face' contact
during the course of our work, so thats why many of us seek out
Coffee Shops and other public places to keep things interesting 🙂

Anyways, if you went through my first Lesson, you know that I'm
big on the following 3 principles:

1) Focus on Building an Audience
(email subscribers & social followers)

2) Diversify Your Traffic Sources
(master at least 2 channels...Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc)

3) Understand Your Market's Needs & Wants
(why does your audience buy certain things?)

Failure is inevitable if you ignore the above 3 principles...

So let me give you an example by showing you how to put these
things in practice. I strongly suggest that you mimic this strategy
very will literally make you 10x more successful than
the 'fly by night' internet marketers.

The 1st step is to choose a niche, a profitable niche.
There are good ways of doing this and not-so-good ways...
most people are doing it blindly without considering
ALL the critical factors. I'll cover this in more detail a bit later...

But for now, your main goal is to choose a niche based on
affiliate programs you find. Most people are doing it wrong.
They're choosing a niche first, and then hunting down
affiliate programs in that niche.

I want you to do it differently. Look at affiliate programs,
make sure you have at least 3 that seem really good, and
then start doing research on that niche. The 3 affiliate programs
you choose should ideally be in the following 3 areas:

- Digital Product (on networks such as Clickbank)

- Physical Product (Amazon and Linkshare)

- CPA or 'free' trial' Offer (OfferVault will give you plenty of programs)

Before choosing a niche, you have to make sure that you have great,
profitable affiliate programs in ALL 3 of the above areas for your
chosen niche. This is critically important.

The 2nd step is to map out your 'building an audience' plan. So
lets say that that you chose 'hydroponic gardening' as your niche.
The question you have to ask yourself is, am I trying to make a
quick buck from an affiliate program OR do I want
subscribers/followers that I can build a relationship with?

Look, EVERYTHING you do from now on must focus on
building some type of list...period. Consider these points:

- It is very difficult to sell to a person without at least 5-7 exposures
on the product, AND your brand

- It is much more difficult to get the 1st Sale from a customer,
than it is to get the 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sale.

Here's sort of a 'dirty' truth that most Gurus won't tell you...
Clickbank sales are dominated by list owners
(people who own an email list). Affiliates who don't build a list
and try to send traffic directly to an affiliate program rarely succeed,
unless they're very skilled.

Ecommerce sales are dominated by 'brands' that have
built tons of trust. Why do you think Amazon, Zappos,
Newegg, Walmart...all of these sites control so much
market share? Is it because they're huge?
Not really, its because people fully trust them.

Forget about direct linking and pushing traffic to affiliate programs
without becoming a 'middle-man'. It doesn't matter if you're a newbie
and you're intimidated...use that energy of fear that you feel and
turn it into triumph. Be brave. Be bold. Get a piece of your pie
and prove all the haters wrong.

Building an audience is SO easy, from a technical point of view.
Here's all you need to give yourself a MASSIVE advantage
in this business:

1) An Autoresponder service such as Aweber (which I love by the way!)

2) A very friendly hosting company that allows you to setup a WordPress
site in less than 5 minutes, such asBluehost or Hostgator (their staff will
actually guide you step-by-step to set up a site)

3) A Facebook Fanpage so please can 'Like' you and follow you

*Note: The above links contain my Affiliate ID. If you use them,
I will get compensated. I have NO problem with you visiting these
sites directly if you don't feel comfortable using my Affiliate Link.
I promise you, my main objective is to see you succeed!

The 3rd step is to map out your back end content. In other words,
what kind of content will you serve to your subscribers once they
signup for your list?

Here's a little don't have to write anything on your own.
You don't even have to 'get' it written. You can simply become a
Content Curator. As a content curator, your job is simply to find
interesting articles, videos, blog posts and images on the web,
and share them with your list.

Some of the biggest authorities online, like Mashable, Marketing Land,
Search Engine Watch and others do nothing more than 'share' good
content that someone else wrote.

Alright, so how do you hunt down all this interesting content to share
with your audience? Here are a couple of ways:

- Use CurationSoft (they have a free version)

- Do in manually by searching, Google News,
Google Blog Search, Youtube, Pinterest & Amazon
(or use CurationSoft to streamline the process)

The 4th and final step is to map out your traffic strategy...

Remember, you want to be diversified. This protects you against 'animal'
updates and hard slaps that the big traffic horses like to rain down on
innocent marketers like us 🙂

Here are the top traffic sources I recommend you strongly consider.
Start with one or two but keep the others in mind as well:

1) SEO Organic (this includes Google, Bing & Yahoo)

2) Youtube (this almost goes hand-in-hand with SEO Organic.
Its foolish to ignore Youtube!)

3) Facebook (both viral traffic and paid Ads)

4) Media Buying (not the really expensive stuff, there's many
cheaper options)

5) Amazon (through Kindle ebooks)

6) Pinterest, Twitter and Forums

No matter what you do, don't tie yourself down to just one traffic source.
Trust me, you'll regret it if your entire business is run on one big traffic horse...
and they decide to slap you hard.

Ok, this lesson is getting a bit long and I don't want to
confuse or overwhelm you. For now, go ahead and think
about the 4 steps in this lesson, think about your overall strategy
and start gathering your 'toolset' (whatever you can afford).

Tomorrow, I'll go into depth on how to REALLY choose a profitable
niche and great affiliate programs to promote.
You definitely don't wanna miss it 🙂

Hanif 'your right hand man' Quentino


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