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 Hey michel,

Lets get right down to bizness today...

What was the most important thing you took away from my previous lesson?

Don't LOSE Your Traffic...

In other words, don't let your visitors slip away without 'preserving' them in
some type of environment you control. Yeah, build an audience
(also known as building a list)!

I also covered the 4 broad steps fordeveloping your online strategy. Setting
up the right strategy is setting yourself up to WIN. Here's a quick recap of
these 4 steps:

1) Choose a profitable niche

2) Decide how you want to build an audience (email, social, etc)

3) Gather your back-end content (articles, videos, images...)

4) Map out your traffic strategy (SEO, Facebook, etc...)

Before I get into the finer details of choosing a profitable niche, let me just
drill this concept of 'building an audience' from another perspective...

You already know that Email's a great way to build a list. In addition,
Facebook also gives you an independent opportunity to build your
followers AND engage them with some amazing technologies at your

Of course, as an internetmarketing 'ninja', you're not just going
to get 'Likes' and post boring content on your Fanpage like everyone else
does. I'll be showing you how to monetize your Facebook audience with
killer tactics that hardly anyone knows about.

And there's another ninja way to build your audience without email and
without social media. How? Through 'Retargeting'...

In a nutshell, Retargeting is basically tracking all the visitors that come to
your website, and then 'following' them with your Ads on Facebook and
other sites they visit. Basically, you can build a list of 'visitors' over time
andcontinue to target them with relevant Ads about your offer.

Pretty slick? Yeah, its extremely powerful.

Look, strategy & mindset will help you WIN in this game.
Think audience, think back-end. Never lose a visitor without
capturing them either via Email, Facebook or Retargeting...
or if you're serious about taking your profits to the next level, use all three!

I promise you, its simpler than you think and pretty easy to implement
with modern-day tools. I'll be getting into the details in later lessons.

Alright, now lets move on to choosing a profitable niche...

I recommend that you ALWAYS start with affiliate programs when starting
your niche research. Why? Because you gotta follow the cash! Whats the
point of choosing a niche, only to find out that it hardly has any good affiliate
programs that you can promote?

Ok, so here are 3 different methods for choosing a niche with good profit

Method 1: Browse the popular affiliate networks

- Browse Clickbank for products with Gravity > 30

- Browse the different categories in Offervault

- Browse MarketHealth and MoreNiche for their various offers

- Browse Commission Junction for their various programs

By looking at affiliate offers in the above networks, you're going to choose a
niche that already shows some decent monetization potential.

Method 2: Search on Flippa

Flippa is a marketplace for buying and selling websites. You can see exactly
whats selling, and what sold, complete with the niche and how much revenue
the site is making per month!

So, head over to Flippa and do a search for sites that are more than a year old
and making more than $200+ per month. You can search for sites that are
actively in auction, and sites that have previously sold. This will be a great
source for niche ideas.

Method 3: Exploiting Amazon

Head over to Amazon and start drilling down into specific sub-categories of
physical products...and then look at the best-selling products in those sub-categories.

The key here is to look for products that have a 'passion' associated
with them. For example, mountain bikes would be an example of a
physical product that has a strong, passionate following.

There's the sport of biking, the competitions & races, the various accessories
and so many more sub-topics that you can find information on and share
with your audience.

Another way to exploit Amazon is to look at the non-fiction best sellers in
various categories of the Kindle marketplace. Here, you're specifically looking
for Kindle books that have a Salesrank of less than 100,000 and are priced
higher than $2.99. The topics of these books would indicate a niche where
people are looking to spend.

Alright, so once you have some specific niche topics in mind, here's the final
criteria to run them through

1) Are there Digital, Physical & CPA offers to promote in this niche? Ideally
you want an abundance of all three of these types of offers, but it may not be
possible in every niche.

2) Are their closely related sub-niches that you could pitch to your audience?
For example, organic gardening may be your main niche, but your audience
wouldn't mind hearing about hydroponic gardening or maybe even green
energy within the right context.

3) Are there lots of articles, videos, blogs and images that are available in this
niche and related niches? This will allow you to share lots of content in the
backend to your audience...both via email and on your Facebook page.

4) Pull up a list of the top 3-5 sites in your niche, and put them into
Alexa Insights, which is a demographic analysis tool. Here, you're looking at
the average income levels of the people most interested in this niche. Obviously,
the higher the income levels, the better!

Go Big or Go Micro

There are two schools of thought when it comes to choosing niches:

1) Target 'under the radar' low competition niches

2) Target a micro niche within a 'mass appeal' niche.

Personally, I'm a big fan of playing in the 'big boy' niches, where there's a lot
of activity. The reason I love the big niches is because of the BACKEND potential.

Here are the 7 niches with mass broad appeal and LOTS of m.oney being made:

- Starting a Home Based Business

- Education (online degrees, exam prep, etc)

- Health (snoring, pimples, cholestrol, etc)

- Beauty (skincare, cosmetics)

- Fitness (workouts, nutrition, fatloss)

- Relationships (dating, making up, marriage)

- Personal Finance (budgeting, loans, etc)

Operating within the above BIG markets will EXPONENTIALLY increase
your chances of success...

But that doesn't mean smaller 'under the radar' niches aren't worth targeting.

Personally, I've done well with small niches and with bigger ones. It all
comes down to basic demand and supply. If there are only a few competitors
in an underground niche, and there's a decent sized audience in that niche,
you can go and take it over. Big fish in a small does work.

For example, two of the smaller niches I've had success in for many years
are in the categories of 'recreational coaching' and 'industrial supplies'
(sorry, I can't give away the exact, specific niches because one of my
competitive advantages is NOT having that much competition!)

The critical factor to keep in mind with smaller niches is the overall
'search demand' as shown in the Google Keyword Planner. Its also a
good idea to use Facebook's Search to see how many people are
'interested' in that topic. Together, Google & Facebook will give you a
great idea on how many people you can reach in that niche.

(In an upcoming lesson, I'll be covering specific secrets on Keyword Research,
so stay tuned for that)

And of course, you want to make that the small niche has complimentary
niches that tie in well. This way, you can continue to connect with your
audience with related, complimentary topics
(see my example on organic gardening and green energy earlier).

Done For You Hot Niches

I'm sure, whether you're beginner or advanced, there have been some
golden nuggets that you've been able to takeaway from this long lesson...

But what if you could have a 7-figure and 6-figure marketer literally hand
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And, these passionate buyers love to be part of communities and love to
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Heck, you even get high traffic, low competiton keywords...unique insight 'tips'
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And then I'll cover how to choose the perfect affiliate offer, how to really
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Wishing you all the best,

Hanif 'your right hand man' Quentino