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Hey michel,

Today I'm going to start my 'Trend Jacking' Blueprint series...
because spotting hot trends to profit from is a great way to
quickly build up your cashflow...

But keep in mind that you still want to focus on building a list,
an audience around the Trend that you're targeting...and capture
as many visitors as you can either as Facebook fans or email subscribers
(or use retargeting to get their IP addresses).

Before I get into Trend Jacking...

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One of the questions you may have about InstaCash is
'won't these niches get saturated if so many people see them?'
The answer to that is, not really...

Because you get 4 full niches every month, each one with a large keyword list
and other 'related' niches that are closely matched to that niche. Now multiply
that times the different promotion methods I'll show you...Google, Facebook &
Youtube...and you can see why 'saturation' is quite difficult.

And to be honest, this service is not 'mainstream'. Its pretty underground and
its not mass marketed, on PURPOSE. So you're good to go...plenty of profit
to go around 🙂

Alright now lets move on to the 'Trend Jacking' blueprint...

Discovering hot trends and capitalizing on them is pretty much the 'essence'
of internet marketing...

Why? Because trends represent BOTH high conversions and high traffic...
and very often these trends have lower competition in the beginning, allowing
the savvy marketer to grab a nice piece of the pie (its all about staying one
step ahead of the competition).

Its essential for you to master trends if you hope to be successful in the
short-term and long-term...

And there's a way that you can combine the short-term power of trends
with long-term business building. How? Simple, use trends to make
fast profits while building a list.

So, what I recommend you do is spot trends in a broad 'niche' that
you've chosen. For example, lets take the broad niche of 'Beauty'...

You would be looking for trends that are related to beauty, such as
new and upcoming brands/products of skincare, alternative remedies
that Oprah or DrOz may cover in their TV shows, or maybe some type
of new surgical procedure that reduces blemish marks.

As these 'beauty' trends are happening, you can jump on and catch the
wave of targeted traffic, sell a bunch of stuff and at the same time build a list
of email subscribers or Facebook fans. Do you think you'll be able to continue
making beauty related offers to your list for years to come?

I've personally built an entire business out of spotting new trends and
using it to build my list in a variety of sub-niches...its very, very powerful
(and thats not hype).

Its time you get really good at this skill, so lets get started step-by-step:

The 1st step is to get yourself organized with the right tools. So in a nutshell,
here are the tools to get organized:

- Install the Firefox browser

- Add the following add-ons to Firefox: Googlebar, SEO for Firefox and
Samfind Bookmark bar

- Setup a 'MyYahoo' page and add the following content on your Yahoo
homepage: Google Hot Trends, Digg Top Stories and Yahoo Trending Now
(simply signup for a Yahoo account to get started)

I don't want to spend time explaining each of the above individual resources,
because they're self-explanatory once you start setting them up.

The 2nd step is to add the following resources to your bookmarks:

Keyword Research Resources

Google Trends
AOL Hot Searches

Shopping Trend Resources

Amazon Best Sellers
Amazon Movers and Shakers
Amazon New Releases
eBay Popular
Google Product

Trending News Resources

Wall Street Journal
Google News

Social Network Resources:

Like Button

Ok, this lesson is getting really long and I don't want to overwhelm you...

So for now, think about the following:

1) Choose your broad niche (is it cooking, automotive, beauty, etc?)

2) Start browsing for trends on:

There's a LOT more juicy info I'll be sharing with you about discovering and
monetizing hot trends, so keep a close eye for my next lesson...

And remember, when you signup for theInstaCash hot niche service, you'll get
my bonus video training which will show you how to drive quick, targeted traffic...

You'll be able to effectively use these traffic strategies on big trends,
evergreen niches and everything else in between.
The internet will become your playground, and I promise its a lot of fun 🙂

Until the next episode,

Hanif 'your right hand man' Quentino

P.S. - another benefit of signing up for InstaCash is locking in a 70% discount
on my 'Done For You Business Building' services. You'll be able to use these
services on hot trends and almost any niche that you want to profit from
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