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Hey michel,

In the last lesson, I talked about how Trends are the essence of internet marketing...
because when there's a trending topic/product/service, you can take advantage of
high traffic, high conversions and fairly low competition in the beginning.
This is pretty much the perfect storm you wanna be in!
You know that I'm all about strategy, so lets go over some of the finer points of
this 'trend jacking' strategy:

Avoid the 'spray'n'pray' approach. This means picking up a bunch of
random trending topics, matching each one up with a CPA offer, and
then mass-posting on forums/blogs/social sites. This approach is horrible.

Become a Sniper. Choose a definitive niche or category, and dive deep
into it. Look for trending topics within that broader niche and watch it
like a hawk. Develop a 'central' base to launch your attacks.

Here's what I mean...lets say that you chose 'Yoga & Pilates' as your broad niche
that you want to focus on. Using all the tools & resources I gave you in the previous
lesson, you would keep track of all the trending topics within this niche.
In general, here are the 3 'profit centers' you want to keep track of in your niche:
1) Brand & Product Lines (what are the hottest brands and products in this niche?)
2) Celebrities and Experts (who are the biggest names in this niche?)
3) Events & Places (what are the large conferences, gatherings, shows?)
Doing the research to uncover the above three 'profit centers' is critical for you to
stay on top of your niche...and to identify trends as they emerge. There will always
be new product launches, new experts making various statements, celebrity
endorsements and upcoming events and news.
Remember, you can have a website that simply reviews all of the above things
with your own commentary. In other words, you're 'curating information',
keeping people up-to-date, and giving your own insights and commentary.
All of this can also be done on a Facebook Fan page that you create
(so you don't necessarily need a website, but its highly recommended).
Capture your audience as email subscribers, and now you have a real, long-term
business model on your hands. Do you think your subscribers will enjoy hearing
about trending topics in this niche? Of course 🙂
Alright, so after you research and make a list the above three 'profit centers',
the next step is to look for hot trending topics within your niche using these tools:
What you're looking for is specific trends/keywords...such as specific type of
yoga poses, or maybe an 'AsSeenonTv' product thats gaining popularity, or
maybe an interview that Oprah did with a yoga expert on her tv show.
All of these specific trends are actually 'keywords' that you can target on
Google, Facebook & Youtube.
If you need inspiration on content that people are sharing within your niche,
check out and to see what people are spreading
around. Flickr is also a great source to find viral images to post on your
Fan page or website.
I also recommend that you always keep an eye on Amazon 'Hot New Releases'
and 'Movers & Shakers' to keep track of hot new products in your niche.
This will allow you to promote these products on your website and/or
fan page at the perfect time when these products are trending
(which means easy commissions 🙂
Lastly, its a good idea to keep track of the top bookmarking sites
(Delicious, StumpleUpon & Reddit) to see how things are heating up
in your niche.
Alright so the main takeaway of today's lesson is to choose a broad niche,
become a 'sniper' and identify the 3 'profit centers' for that niche. Then,
start making note of hot trends that you can take advantage of...
And your core strategy will be to start a website and/or a Facebook fanpage
to start targeting these topics...and drive traffic through a variety of means
which I'll cover in upcoming lessons.
Building an audience and subscriber base should always be a top priority
for long-term gains.
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