Format of the Academy-7

What's up michel, Hanif here...

Hope you're doing great. Today, are you ready to dive into the
'highest ROI producing' traffic generating strategy I've ever witnessed?

Can you guess what it is?

Good Ol' SEO. Nothing beats Google organic traffic
(and Bing/Yahoo too)

Why? Cuz its practically free and highly targeted. It converts, plain and simple.

The Google 'horror' stories you've heard are about to become your advantage...
because SEO has gotten less competitive after Google rolled out its
nasty updates and penalized thousands of sites in the past couple of years.
Guess what, I got many of my sites slapped too...

And now I'm right back on the saddle milking Google for everything they're worth
(I've made a bigger and stronger comeback).

In other words, those 'nasty updates' did nothing more than create
NEW rules of SEO that really aren't difficult to implement, if you know
what you're doing. Humbly speaking, I've cracked the code 🙂

And so have my underground Mentors and wildly successful
SEOMarketers that are enjoying this perfect storm.

Alright, we're all about action here, so lets dive head first into this
perfect storm and make it rain hard...

It all starts with Keyword Research. I know, you hate it. Its boring.

Well, get over it! Its like foul medicine you love to hate, but you know
its good for you.

By now, you should have your niche selected based on my previous lessons.
Or, if you just want proven niches handed to you on a silver platter,
signup for InstaCash Niche Service. Either way, you should've drilled down
and selected some sub-niches to attack.

The 1st step of SEO is obviously to pick out some winning keywords.
I'm gonna keep things real simple for you. Forget 90% of what you've
heard about keyword's the 10% that you truly need to know:

Your main niche keyword should have a search demand of over 5000

This main keyword should ideally be 3 words or more (less competition)

This main keyword should represent a 'sub-niche' within a broad niche
(for example, 'Schwinn Mountain Bikes' is a good example of a
sub-niche keyword)

The competition level of this keyword should be 'Average' or 'Below Average'
(this helps you get easy wins in the beginning, which keeps you motivated)

So there you have it. The above criteria is how you should select your
very 1st Keyword to target. This would be the keyword that you first
develop content for on your Site, Facebook Fanpage or Youtube Video
(and ofcourse, if you know how I roll, you should be building all
3 of these properties).

Over time, you can target more and more keywords and expand your
Site and your web properties, building your keyword portfolio
bigger and bigger.

So whats the fastest and most efficient way to find these Keywords,
and how do you know if the competition is 'Average' or below?

>>> Use Long Tail Pro <<< One of the most reliable keyword research tools on the market, built by real developers with real experience. Its not going anywhere, and it works beautifully... Instead of me 'telling' you how to do keyword research, how about you 'watch' an 11 minute video that shows you how to do it perfectly: >> Tutorial Video - How to Do Keyword Research with Long Tail Pro

The software comes with a 10 day trial,no creditcard required! Isn't that great?
Go ahead and use it during these 10 days to pick out a lot of great keywords.
And if you do choose to upgrade to the paid version after 10 days,
make sure toSAVE your receipt...

Because I'll get credit for your sale as an affiliate, and I'll give you my
'Done For You' Service bonusonce you accrue $300 in purchases
through my affiliatelinks.

Whatever products I recommend and you decide to purchase them,
once you reach a $300 spend, you'll automatically WIN my
'Done For You' (DFY) services...

...which includes a DFY Youtube Video, Fanpage & Press Release...
all with backlinking and promotion to help get REAL traffic.

Go ahead and watch this 11 min video because its a great primer on
'simple' but effective keyword research:

>> Tutorial Video - How to Do Keyword Research with Long Tail Pro

This video will help you regardless of which software you choose to use.
And remember, Long Tail Pro comes with a10 day trial with no
creditcard required! You won't get charged, there's no autobill.

Have you watched the video? Ok good...

Notice the 'Competition Analysis' tab in the software. Its giving you the
'Page Authority' and 'Domain Authority' of the top 10 competitors in
Google for you keyword.

If I was a beginner or didn't have a lot of experience with SEO,
I would look for the following metrics when it comes to
Page Authority and Domain Authority:

For the top 10 results, an average Domain Authority of less than 50

For the top 10 results, an average Page Authority of less than 25

Very simply, Domain Authority and Page Authority is a metric analyzing the
'quantity of quality of links' pointing to a Page or Domain. It also looks at other
factors such as 'trust', but overall the quantity and quality of backlinks
determines these scores.

So when you combine the Domain Authority of the top 10 results in Google,
the average should be less than 50. For Page Authority, the average should
be less than 25. This applies if you don't have a lot of experience with

Thats all there is to it. Don't overcomplicate keyword research or
competition analysis. If you watch the Long Tail Pro video tutorial
and apply the criteria I gave you in this lesson,
you're PERFECTLY GOOD to go!

Yes, there are about a 100 other 'complicated' metrics and numbers
I can discuss with you here, which won't help you a darn bit. All those extra
details don't matter....unless you're a 'World Class SEO' trying to prove how
smart you are at some over-hyped conference.

I separated the gold from the dirt for you, so don't get your
hands dirty if you don't need to!

Within the next couple of days, I'll be back with another lesson of my
'SEO Blueprint' series, and I'll give you another actionable SEO tip
that will literally solve 1/3rd of the 'ranking puzzle' for you.

In other words, the tip I'll share with you will instantly help you win
33% of the top 10 ranking battle in Google.

Keep your motivation cranked on high and put your wheels in motion.

If you're on this journey with me, you're here to succeed...period.

Until the next episode,

Hanif 'your right hand man' Quentino