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Hey michel,

In the last lesson I gave you some quick & dirty keyword research methods
that can help you identify winning keywords with ease...

Even if you're new to SEO or a little bit jaded from past experience, don't

You can still get a lot of targeted traffic and if you're being smart with it
(building an audience), there's a lot of bank to be made.

Go ahead and review my previous lesson for the 'keyword research metrics'
I recommend, and watch this 11 min video if you haven't done so:
>> Tutorial Video - How to Do Keyword Research with Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a software that you can try out for 10 days, no credit card
needed, no auto bill.

Ok, so today I want to talk about solving 1/3rd of the ranking puzzle'...

Look, when it comes to getting ranked in big giant Google, domain authority
plays a huge role. For example, Facebook, Youtube & Amazon have
IMMENSE domain authority...which means that the domain is extremely
popular and very trusted.

In a nutshell, domain authority is determined by the following:

Age of domain
Trusted sources linking to the domain (.gov and .edu sites)
Quality sources linking to the domain (major media sites, authority hubs)
Absence of manipulative and 'blackhat' SEO tactics
Size of the site (in terms of content and inner pages)
User Engagement (how long users stay on the site and how frequently
they revisit)

*Note: the domain authority I'm talking about doesn't correlate with the
SEOMoz domain authority calculation (don't worry if you have no idea
what I'm talking about...I just added this side note for those who
are aware of Moz)

The above criteria covers the most important things that Google takes into
account when judging domain authority (remember, these are general guidelines,
not an exact science).

So, if you register a brand new domain in your niche, it effectively starts with
ZERO authority...

But, what if you could purchase a domain that has existing authority built-in?

Wouldn't that give you a head start in being able to rank your site?


Simply by purchasing an expired/expiring domain that has some age & authority,
you can give yourself a major power boost.

Heard all this talk about expired domains before? Nothing new to you?

Guess what, most of what you've heard is probably wrong or misleading.
There's a wrong way to purchase expired domains, and I want to make
sure you avoid any mistakes.

Here's a list of the criteria I look for when purchasing expired domains:

Must be .com, .net or .org
Minimum Age of 2 years
Minimum Pagerank of 2
Minimum 'Moz Domain Authority' of 20
Maximum MajesticSEO Backlinks of 200-300
Minimum MajesticSEO Trust Flow of 10
More than 80% of the Anchor Text Profile being natural
Price of less than $100 (many times $30-$50)

Ok, so I'm sure that some of the above stuff is confusing if you haven't
heard it before. So, here are quick primers on some of terms...

Pagerank: Google's own score, between 1-10, determined by the
quantity & quality of sites linking to you.

MOZ Domain Authority: Scored betweeen 1-100, determined by the
quantity & quality of sites linking to you.

MajesticSEO Trust Flow: Scored between 1-100, determined by
how 'closely linked' your site is to some of the most trustworthy sites
on the net.

For example, if CNN links to Site A, which links to Site B,
which links to Site C...and then Site C links to your site...this would mean
that you are '3 links' away from CNN. The closer your links are to trusted
sites, the higher the trust flow.

Natural Anchor Text Profile: this one is much harder to explain in this short
lesson, so let me give you a nice article that discusses this concept:

Obviously, I've really simplified things and you can spend hours studying
all this stuff, but you don't need to...I've pretty much given you what you
need to know to effectively buy expired domains.

Now, whats an fastest, easiest way to find these expired domains with the criteria
I laid out above?

My favorite tool is Register Compass.

Register Compass allows you to search from a huge database of
expired/expiring/auction domains with the exact criteria you're looking for.

Quite honestly, its impossible to 'manually' find a domain on your own
without using this tool, or something similar to it.

I need you to visit the page below and watch the 'Domain Search' video
and the 'Filter Drill Down' video to see how Register Compass works:
>> Quick Demo Videos of How to Use Register Compass

All you need to do is watch those 2 videos to get a quick look at how
this domain search process works...

And remember, picking up an expired domain with existing Age & Authority
is the absolute best way to start your search engine ranking campaign...
it gives you a major advantage and accelerates the whole ranking process.

It'll cost you $10-$30, on average, to pick up these domains (no brainer)

Frankly, I think its stupid to register a brand new domain unless you need
it for strong branding purposes. Its just so much smarter, and so much more
effective to leverage an older domain.

You can look for names that are broadly related to your niche, or you can
just look for 'vague' names that don't really mean anything. The exact name
of the domain doesn't really matter.

Just as a reminder, if you decide to purchase Register Compass and/or
Long Tail Pro to add to your trusted toolbox, remember to SAVE your receipts...

Because I'll get credit for your sale as an affiliate, and I'll give you my
'Done For You' Service bonus once you accrue $300 in purchases
through my affiliate links. Whatever products I recommend and you
decide to purchase them, once you reach a $300 spend, you'll automatically
quality for my 'Done For You' (DFY) services...

...which includes a DFY Youtube Video, Fan page & Press Release...
all with back linking and promotion to help get REAL traffic.

People tend to complicate this whole search engine thing and talk way too
much about it.

If you simply follow what I gave you in this lesson and my previous lesson, and
continue to apply what I'll show you in future lessons...

You'll be in good shape. Its really not that hard, and its highly lucrative.

In the next lesson, I'll get into some simple tweaks you can make to your
site to make search engines fall in love with you, so keep your eyes peeled.

Keeping it real with ya,

Hanif 'your right hand man' Quentino