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So what's the latest Michel?

Hopefully you've had some recent breakthroughs in your business, accelerating upwards towards your ideal destination...

Remember, when the going gets tough, when you suffer a setback, when you're finding it difficult to stay motivated...remember the final destination you're aiming for.

Let me tell you something: its impossible NOT to suffer setbacks and motivation-sucking challenges along the way. Its all by design. You won't succeed without paying your dues. Its a fact of life.

Practically speaking, internet marketing is a fast evolving medium. Strategies change. Things that were working a few weeks ago aren't working so well anymore. New competitors enter your market daily, eating up your share. Existing competitors try to take you down and copy your strategies.

These are all reasons WHY you suffer setbacks and things don't always go your way, even though you're putting in the effort and following the latest 'training course' to a tee. You WILL struggle, and then suddenly, you'll have insights and breakthroughs that will allow you to bust through the plateau and build substantial income streams.

Alright, enough with the motivational stuff...

In this lesson, here's what I'll be covering:

- A Unique Perspective on Keyword Research
- A Sneaky Twist on Expired Domains
- Simple Tweaks You Can Make to Your Site for Google Love

Lets dive right in...

Keyword research is not just important for SEO, its also vital for social media. Many of the 'interests' that you can target on Facebook can actually be discovered by using the Google Keyword Planner.

For example, lets say you want to sell T-shirts to people who are passionate about Leukemia Research. To find the right audience on Facebook, you can actually use the Google Keyword Planner to hunt down all the Leukemia related keywords, organizations, brands and businesses...which will give you many more 'interests' than just using Facebook Graph Search alone.

(I'm sorry if this Facebook stuff is confusing you...I just want you to know that Google + Facebook makes a killer combination. These days, its not a good idea to isolate the two from each other. Combination strategies are best.)

Long Tail Pro is the most useful keyword research tool in my opinion...because it gives you an instant snapshot of the level of competition you're facing.

Another decent alternative is Keyword Advantage by Adam Short. I have had the privilege of using this tool recently and I like it...but it operates kind of slow. You have to let it run in the background to fully pull all the data you need, but this tool is very inexpensive compared to Long Tail Pro.

(Remember, whenever you make ANY purchase using my links, SAVE your receipts. Once you accrue $300 in purchases, you'll automatically qualify for my 'Done for You' bonus service: which includes a custom-made Youtube video, Fan page and Press Release - all created & promoted for you)

Ok so now let me reference my previous lesson and give you some additional perspective on expired domains...

I said that securing an expired domain is the best way to start your SEO campaign. At the same time, a brand new domain is best for branding purposes.

So, you can actually combine the best of both worlds by obtaining a brand new domain, and then 301 redirect your expired domain to this brand new domain! Don't know what a 301 redirect is? Check out this article:

It literally takes 1 minute to setup a redirect of your expired domain to your brand new domain. Its extremely simple.

Now, you can pick up a brand new domain thats keyword optimized or branded to your company name ... and then pick up an expired domain and 301 redirect it to transfer the age & authority to your new domain. Welcome to the best of both worlds!

In my last email, I recommended Register Compass as a good source to find & secure expired domains...

But a cost-effective alternative has recently got my attention, called Instant Domain Sniper. This tool is much cheaper than Register Compass and has many of the same features.

Lastly, I want to talk about some simple tweaks you can make to your site to increase 'Google Love'. Here's what you need to do:

1) Create top-level categories on your site/blog and make sure that there are at least 5 content pages under each category.

For example, a top-level category would be a major keyword or topic you're targeting, such as Organic Gardening.

Then, you would need at least 5 pages under this category, such as 'tomato organic gardening', 'organic gardening containers', etc...

The basic rule is to have a minimum of 5 pages under each main category of your site. These 5 pages should target 'long tail' variations of your main category keyword.

2) Link to your main category page from each of your content pages. So the 5 pages would all have a link back to the main category page.

3) Make sure your site's main navigation menus, the ones on the top, the sidebar or the footer are NOT linking to your content pages. These navigation menus should ONLY link to your main category pages.

3) Embed a Youtube video on each and every page. This increase the quality score of the page in Google's eyes.

4) Link to a relevant authority site at the bottom of every page. The easiest way to do this is to find a relevant article on NY Times, CNN, Wikipedia, Huffington Post, etc...and just link to it at the bottom of your content page. Each content page should have a different link.

5) Insert a relevant image on each page and make sure the file name of that image is the same as the keyword you're targeting on that page. I'm not talking about ALT text or captions. Rather, the file name of the image should be same as your long-tail keyword being targeted on that page.

6) If you're using WordPress, remove instances of duplicate content on your site by modifying your Tags, Archives & Category pages. Here's a quick primer on solving these issues:

If you're 'curating content' from other people, reserve this curated content for ONLY your content pages...the ones that you aren't linking to from you main navigation menus. In other words, don't let Google see this curated content on your homepage or the main category pages of your site...

And whenever using curated content, make sure that your UNIQUE commentary is more than 50% of the total content on the page. Basically, the key is to make sure your pages are more than 50% unique.


Ok this lesson got a bit 'technical' and there's a lot of info to digest, so please take action and implement what you've learned.

Everyone needs keyword research, a domain and an optimized website. Its the foundation of your web business, so don't ignore it!

I'll be in touch with some crazy fast traffic strategies in the next few lessons, so keep an eye on your inbox 🙂

Take care,


P.S. - The new tools I mentioned in this lesson are Keyword Advantage and Instant Domain Sniper. These are cost-effective alternatives if you're on a strict budget.