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Dear michel,

First of all, a warm welcome from myself, Hanif Quentino.

I want to congratulate you for being here and enrolling in this 'Academy'.
I assure you, this will NOT be another low-value newsletter that makes
you feel disgusted with sales pitches every day.

The hype-filled, high-pressure Sales tactics are a huge turn off for you...
I get it. You're here because you're hoping that I'm different, and I really
appreciate your trust.

Before going any further, may I ask you to
add my email address to your Contacts List,
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Format of this Academy

Okay, the format of this Academy is going to be regular Email
lessons and 'blueprints' that you can follow, step-by-step...

These blueprints are based on my personal experience & knowledge.
I cut thru the fluff and the filler, and deliver to you the most important
steps to follow.

Since the purpose of my lessons and blueprints is to give you a
FAST start, I won't be covering very basic stuff and I won't be going
into details on 'how to' do technical things.

BUT, don't worry. I'll point you to the right resources for the basic stuff
and the technical things whenever possible. You should also get in the
habit of looking up simple things on Google.

My goal is to give you the knowledge you need to make fast sales,
drive a lot of traffic, and scale up this business to a full-time
level and beyond...and for that reason everything I tell you will
be straight to the point, no fluff, no filler.

Why Are You Here?

Look, I know that the real reason you're here is to FEEL success.
Its not just about paying bills or making profits, its more about having
that sense of accomplishment and removing the anxieties & bad situations
you may be in...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you probably fall into one of
these 3 categories:

1) You haven't really earned anything online, and you're open to
different methods and ideas for earning an income.

2) You've tried some ideas and you're involved in a niche, but you
need help driving traffic and converting that traffic (into revenue).

3) You pretty much have a successful business model and now you're
looking to ramp things up to the next level, a much higher level.

Well, doesn't matter what category you fall into...

The good news is, I'll be showing you everything I know about 2 things:


In other words, how to get targeted visitors and how to convert those
visitors into profit.

EVERYONE, newbie or advanced, can benefit from more traffic and better
conversion, correct?

Ok, now I want to give you the 3 most important principles of an
online business that I've learned through sweat'n'blood over the years:

1) Focus on Building an Audience
(email subscribers & social followers)

2) Diversify Your Traffic Sources
(master atleast 2 channels...Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc)

3) Understand Your Market's Needs & Wants
(why does your audience buy certain things?)

Ignoring the above 3 principles is a sure way to FAIL in the long-term.
Trust me, I've failed quite a bit in my early years.

Now let me ask you a question...

What do you think will allow you to earn a 6, or even 7 figure income
for years to come?

Its the BACKEND of your business.

In other words, the ability to build an audience, establish a good
relationship with them, and market useful products & services to
them in the BACKEND.

Right now, I want you to do me a favor...

If you're not interested in doing the stuff I'm talking about, or it sounds
like 'too much work', please find the unsubscribe link at the bottom
of this email. I'm not your guy.

BUT, if you're in this game to WIN in the long-term AND have success
in the short-term as well, then I'm happy to help you out. We can do a lot
of damage together.

Its important to keep things simple in the beginning and take a step-by-step
approach, but that doesn't mean you stay 'stuck' on the bottom chasing
a few scraps.

In the online world, methods and technologies change at the speed of light.
The only real way to survive and THRIVE is to follow the 3 important
principles I laid out above...

So if you understand what I'm saying, I appreciate you having on board.
Otherwise, we're not gonna be a good match for each other.

The Next 25-30 Days...

Alright, over the course of the next 25-30 days, I'll be covering the following
topics and 'blueprints'...

All of these topics 'connect' together to make you a much better, more
successful InternetMarketer. Here's what we'll cover:

- Profitable Niche Selection Blueprint
(choose 'cashcow' niches and discover how to identify the buying hot buttons
in your market)

- Trend Jacking Blueprint
(how to use hot trends to bring in quick cashflow)

- SEO Blueprint
(getting a site ranked in the search 2014!)

- Parasite SEO Blueprint
(getting Web 2.0 pages & sites ranked in the search engines)

- Youtube Blueprint
(exploiting Youtube for traffic & sales)

- Viral Facebook Traffic Blueprint
(mostly free strategies)

- Facebook Ads Blueprint
(low cost advertising secrets)

- CPV Retargeting Blueprint
(a totally ninja media buying method thats cheap with high ROI)

- Bing & Yahoo PPC Blueprint
(forget Adwords, these sources of PPC traffic can be awesome)

- Profitable Blogging Blueprint
(how to blog for profit)

- Kindle Blueprint
(leveraging Amazon without writing a word)

- Ecommerce Store Blueprint
(simple stores that you can create in a weekend)

- Facebook List-Building
(specific strategies to quickly build huge lists off Facebook)

- Email Marketing Blueprint
(using the power of email to ramp up your earnings)

- Landing Page Optimization
(getting visitors to take action when they land on your webpages)

- The Art of Preselling
(the most important skill in affiliate marketing)

- Copywriting Madness
(how to use Words to literally create m.oney on demand)

Hopefully, now you understand why I call this an 'Academy'.
Its premium content thats worth its weight in Gold...

And the even better news is, everything you'll learn is based on my
DIRECT experience and knowledge, and not to mention TONS
of trial and error. What you're getting is the creamiest of the crop, truly.

Stay tuned for the 'Profitable Niche Selection Blueprint' coming to your
email tomorrow. I'm happy to start this exciting journey with you and
EARN your respect.

Gratefully yours,

Hanif 'your right hand man' Quentino

P.S. - if you have comments or questions in the meanwhile,
just hit reply...a human being will read it, I promise 🙂