From Web Newbie to Savvy Business Owner (You Can Do It Too!)

If there's one common theme among the many website owners I get to talk to here at SiteSell, it’s this one…

"I knew absolutely nothing about building a website, let alone how to earn money with it, when I started with SBI!."

Some even describe themselves as “technologically challenged,” like Sue does in our featured video below.

And then, a few short years later, they tell us that they just quit their day job, or bought a new house, or finally got to take that long overdue family vacation, all thanks to the income they make with their online businesses.

Take Alison, for example. In her recent interview she said she had no clue about the technical aspects of building a website when she started out. And now she just launched a second website, where she coaches others in their entrepreneurial endeavors (after her first website allowed her to quit her day job).

So, how do you go from complete Web newbie to proud and successful web business owner? You need a proven process, a plan that you can follow step-by-step, that tells you exactly what to do and when. You also need all the tools for building, hosting and marketing your website.

SBI! provides all of this and more. Give it a try today. You have nothing to lose. Like Sue says in the video interview, "You'd be nuts NOT starting your own online business; the Internet is only going to get bigger and become a more important part of our lives."

- Margit