Global Pro System is a scam 2

Yesterday I published a thread revealing a very unethical way to do business. I inserted the complete history of the conversation. I thought the vendor would reconsider after knowing I was going to post the details on the warrior forum, but this is the reply I got today.

Global Pro Systems Actions

Janet Forstrom ( Ajouter aux contacts 11:50  À : michel blaisGood Morning Michel -


Following are the terms and conditions regarding the information package.


Terms and Conditions of 14 day FREE viewing period.

Please understand we have attempted to remove all the risk for you. Our intention is for you to view the information in its entirety, speak with your personal business coach, and decide if this business is for you. Should you decide this is not something you were looking for, simply return the materials according to the terms below.


You will be billed a one-time non-refundable charge of $9.95 USD for FedEx Next

Day delivery at the time of shipping. The 14 day free trial period will begin on the shipping date(all packages will be shipped FedEx Next Day service) and will end 14 days later. If you decide to return the Home Business Training Package, it must be in its original condition and postmarked no later than 14 days after the original date of shipping. The original date of shipping will be noted on your package when you receive it. Due to the cost of production of these valuable materials, if the package is not returned within these guidelines you are agreeing to being billed a one-time charge of $39.95 USD.Please return the package on Monday adding a free tracking #, we will refund off the tracking #.

Thank you