Let me introduce you to a goal. Within its core lies volcanic DNA, which upon detonation, connects the viewers with proven formulas. After trying them myself, I know the quality of my recommendations. For instance, this site is hosted by Hostgator and the content is managed by WordPress. Before using the latter, I played around with several Web editors, but most of them limit the owner to inflexible templates. Let there be no misunderstanding, this isn’t template criticism, many users love them as they amount to be timesavers. However, if one aims for creativity, WordPress has an excellent content management system, plus you can sail through hundreds of free themes until your final selection matches with your Niche or you can purchase professional ones which go for about 50 dollars.

Therefore, I feel very comfortable sharing WordPress information with you. The same goes for Hostgator, this is definitely the best hosting company on this continent. If you never built a website before, you will notice that getting started is quite confusing. The good news is that if you agree on using Hostgator, I will point in the direction of two very skilled web teachers. You can watch their videos on YOUTUBE. They lead they way with no steps skipped. The first is wpsculptor and the other is Tyler Moore who also runs a forum.

To purchase a Hostgator account, simply click on the banner below. You can load WordPress for free from your Hostgator dashboard. Wpsculptor guides you through this step by step.