The Great Blogging Misconceptions

David Wood / January 4, 2015 / Tags: consistency, misconceptions
The other day, I spent a lot of time looking through the data.
Analyzing the results, of literally millions of blog visitors over a three year period.

From thousands of different blogs.
What I found wasn’t at all surprising.
There were some people who used advanced SEO tactics to get a lot of traffic.
There were also people who just wrote about cats and Michael Jackson videos…

…who made a lot of money.
Overall, the one clear message was consistency.
Everyone who consistently blogged daily and promoted their content over a period of months started getting results.
Others posted five to ten blog posts, and gave up.
This post is for everyone who gave up on blogging.
For the people who were sitting up late at night, all frustrated; waiting for commission fairy to bless them with money.
Refreshing their screen…
Wondering when the Internet would open up the traffic gates.
I realized 99% of the folks who gave up; were operating under misconceptions.
Here are four of the biggest blogging misconceptions, and what to do about them:
Misconception #1: It’s Easy
Blogging to build a business is not easy, it’s simple.
(unless you’re using Kalatu, in which case it’s remarkably easy 🙂
Blogging is simple.
It merely requires consistent work over a period of undefined time.
It’s the difference between people who get the results you want, and those who fail miserably.
Effort has never been the core metric in creating a successful blog.
It comes down to what kind of content you’re writing, and what kind of promotion you’re doing.
If you’re the worst writer in the world, and you only share each post on Facebook; eventually you’ll succeed.
It just might take several years.
However – if you post enough of the right content (see my other post on this here), do enough of the right kind of blog promotion, and optimize…
The time it takes will be significantly shortened.
Misconception #2: Publish Blog Posts And The Traffic Will Come
You’ve done this, haven’t you?
Published five blog posts, and spent the next week refreshing Google Analytics.
When I started, I took 90 days of consistent action.
I blogged daily for around 90 days, and promoted my posts daily with article marketing.
The result?
About 10-30 leads a day added to my email list.
I get a lot of people who start blogging, and expect the traffic to just miraculously appear. The reality is, for the first few weeks or months your blog is going to be like a desolate Island in the middle of nowhere.
If you decide to promote your content, you may begin to see results almost immediately.
My advice is to hussle.
Find what’s working now.
Test a lot of stuff. When somethings not working, replace it with something else, something new.
Persist, and you’ll find the smartest ways to get links and traffic to your posts. Read this blog, and blogs by other blogging badasses.
Make a decision right now; to do whatever it takes to get traffic to your blog.
Misconception #3: Adding A Dozen Affiliate Links = More Commissions
Fact: the number of banners and affiliate links on your blog has little to no correlation with the number of sales you make.
When you’re just getting started; it’s easy to think by adding more banners and stuffing your content with affiliate links you’ll make more sales.
Maybe do a little Doctor evil laugh from Austin Powers, as you plaster your blog with links.

Really, it only reduces conversions.
People buy from people they like, and trust. People with a consistent, clear message.
They also get confused if you hit them with a bunch of mixed messaging.
By telling your blog visitors to take more than one action; you reduce the likelihood of them doing anything.
The way to really monetize your blog is to provide a single call to action, multiple times. Not promoting a dozen different tools in your sidebar, not asking your readers to follow you on a dozen different social networks.
Keep your sidebar clear with a single banner, a single link to a capture page.
Misconception #4: SEO Is All About Keywords And Links
Getting traffic from Google is a lot simpler than you might think.
In 2009, I spammed the crap out of everything and anything. Getting thousands of links instantly to my blog.
It worked for a while, and in 2015 it’s pretty much a sure-fire way to make Google hate you.
Although SEO has become a lot more simple.
Google will boost your blog posts in the search results when you get backlinks.
Links from other sites to your blog.
The difference; it’s no longer about quantity. It’s a quality game.
Google and other search engines want to see links earned, not built. You can build links by blog commenting, posting on forums and spamming content across sites like and WordPress.
You can fit all these links into one category; submissions.
But – those links have little affect on your blog’s ranking & traffic.
As will the number of times you repeat a keyword in your blog content.
It’s time you focus on earning links and publishing VALUABLE content.
Start, by blogging daily.
You can earn powerful links by contributing to other blogs, doing interviews with other bloggers, and reaching out to influencers in your space.
SEO should be replaced with PROMOTION.
It’s no longer about optimization and getting a crap ton of links.
The game has changed, and is moving towards a value system.
Not hacking your way to success, but earning it.
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