‘Inner Circle’ Costa Rica

I just got back from a 3 day retreat in
Liberia, Costa Rica, where I was hanging
out with one of my 'Inner Circle' members,
Aaron and Sophia Rashkin. Plus, I got to
meet some other really cool people - Jay
Kubassek, Michael Force - Ray and Fernie
were there, and David Bach.

It was a fascinating trip, because most of the
events that I've been to are either normal
network marketing events, internet marketing
events, or something like that.

This event - everyone payed $40,000 to be
there. It was a totally different crowd of
people, and I found it interesting.

While I was there, I had a chance to talk to
a lot of different marketers and leaders - some
of them make $100,000 a month, and others
were at an earlier phase in their business, or
brand new.

What I found fascinating, is that the same exact
thing makes or breaks a top tier business, a
network marketing business - or really, any
kind of business that's primarily driven through

What is going to make, or break your business

It's the 'front end' of your business.

Here's the interesting thing:

Want to know what almost everyone struggles
with, barely anyone understands - and is the
main cause of the pain that people experience
in the industry?

It's the front end.

In other words - almost everyone sucks at the
most important piece of their business.

Watch this video NOW!

Why is the front end the magical piece of any
direct sales business (no matter what company
you're in)

Because the real issue that you have, if you're
not making the money you want - is not sales

It's talking to the right prospects.

What do I mean?

Well, when I first learned how to prospect really
well, I would sit on the phone for 8, or 10 hours
straight to sponsor one measly person.

95% of everyone I talked to was a dork bag, that
asked the dumbest questions I had ever heard in
my life.

It took hours of sorting through ass holes to find
a person who thought like I did - and was willing
to take action, and just get in.

Then, I learned the science of 'front end control',
and almost magically, instead of closing 5%, I
closed 97% of my prospects.

I felt like the heavens had opened, and the hand
of God came down, and endowed me with powers
of mind control.

It was as if I was forcing my customers to pull out
their credit card, and buy whatever I wanted.

Suddenly, in 40 minutes, I could sponsor as many
people as I could previously in 4 whole weeks
of slamming the phones all day (like a danged


How did I do it?

I learned the science of the front end.

Would you like to have the same powers that
I found, that gave me almost an instant
hypnotic control over my prospects mind?

There was a piece missing to the front end,

Even though I had an instantaneous charisma,
that spawned downlines in the thousands, and
forced my customers credit cards to levitate
towards the computer, and buy...

...the money was just weanie.

As a result, I could never really do a lot of paid
advertising, because the front end of my business,
as badass as it was, only worked through free
marketing. That kept me stuck, for years making
only a measly $30,000, or $40,000 a month.

(that might seem good - until you meat a guy
like the Rashkin. Then you'll know that $40,000
a month isn't enough for decent toilet paper these
days). You can't even get a private jet with that.

Then, I discovered a 'hidden' formula, that when
I combined it with the science that I had mastered
over the 'front end' of my business, all of a sudden,
my income multiplied by five times, and I unlocked
the magic - not just for me...

...it worked just as well for EVERYONE that followed
the formula.

Make sure you read our full income disclosure here and
then you can see how the formula works here.

What if you could have the power, almost like a Jedi
Master, to not only be on the phone with buyers - all
the time, but in the process, you could command
the commissions you deserved - virtually instantly?

This moment.

By making a decision.


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P.S. You can own the same front end - I'll sell it
for you, and you can keep all the money.

I'll handle everything.

You can now master the art of 'prospecting hypnosis'

You can now control your destiny.

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