Of course, after Vick mentioned Clickbank and after I purchased a few products through the site, I started being bombarded by different affiliate programs, one of them was https://www.jvzoo.com

Jv.zoo, has only one positive aspect, once you join, you will receive messages daily. This will keep you up to date regarding marketing software, like for instance, I bought software which makes the creation of logos very easy.

Nevertheless, the support after you buy from Jv.zoo is No Support at all, it is simply terrible. I am telling you right now, if you buy from Jvzoo, do not try contacting anybody in order to find help if you want issues solved, you will only end up exhausted. They have a way of making you run around in circles for weeks. Furthermore, Jvzoo does not get involved after you made a purchase, whereas Clickbank staff sort of acts as your attorney.