Build Content that Attracts Traffic

We started this out by learning how to "guess" what people are searching for when they're ready to pull out their wallets 😉

Then, we looked at how you can integrate that information into the foundation of your website (or many websites)

Today, we are going to talk about the specifics of creating good, traffic-pulling content for your blog or website.

Clearly the most important SEO element of any blog post, video or social post, is the TITLE. While the body of the post is also important, in my experience, in general, the title is 75% of the game. This is especially true for Youtube videos, but it applies also for really any kind of web content, including blog posts.

The first thing you want to do when creating your new blog post is to decide on one main long tail keyword and a couple of other ones to throw in as well, then make the title directly related to the MAIN long tail keyword that you want to rank for. (This works for videos as well as blog posts.)

For example if I want to sell flat screen tvs to by visitors, I might start with the following set of keywords
that I pulled up with Keyworkz Explorer in the previous email:

best flat screen tv deals
best flat screen tv under $500
best flat screen tv to buy
consumer reports best flat screen tv
best flat screen tvs for the money

Out of that list I would pick the one I really want to rank for and us that at the BEGINNING of the TITLE

So my blog post title would become something like this:

Consumer Reports Best Flat Screen TV Is...?

You see I put the complete keyword at the beginning of the phrase but added something at the end with an ellipsis and a question mark to invoke some curiosity on the part of the viewer.

Hopefully that will make them click on the article to see what the answer is 🙂

For the body of the article, we also want to start as close as possible with the main keyword we are trying to rank for. Here's a possible beginning of a first paragraph:

Consumer Reports the best flat screen tv is ______ (insert model). However, ______ (other model) also has received great reviews.

Ok, that's a start. You'll need to flesh out the article with up to 400-600 words - if flat screen tvs are your thing, then you might easily be able to do that with information you possess already.

If not, you may want to spend a few bucks and have the article written for you. Whenever I need to do that, I use an article writing company. There are a lot of those but my favorite is Text Broker

It's really easy to get great articles done and you can pay around ten bucks and end up with 2 or more excellent articles for your blog.

And you can give them instructions on how to implement the keywords and which keywords to implement.

In a future email I'll tell you the best way to make sure you get good articles from Text Broker (there are a few tips you should be aware of)

The standing rule is that of all the text in your article, only 2% to 3% of that text should be the keywords you're aiming to promote. Don't overdo it with your keywords in the post body, or you could trigger some response in Google's algorithm and they won't send you traffic.

If you keep them within the 2-3% keyword-to text ratio, then you will do just fine AND you WILL get traffic to your site.

So what I'm going to want to do (or have done) in the body of the blog post, is to sprinkle in the other long-tail keywords that I have in the list above:

best flat screen tv deals, best flat screen tv under $500,
best flat screen tv to buy, best flat screen tvs for the money

Those are more or less conversational terms that won't be hard to fit into an informative article.

The only thing is, you don't want to repeat them again and again - just maybe once in the post for two or three of them (that's all)

The more content you post, the more regularly, the more traffic you will get.

Follow this plan and add a little bit of OFF-site SEO and you should end up with all the traffic you can handle.

In my next email I'll tell you some great ways to do that Off-site SEO as well as how to use your keywords to rank videos!

Stay tuned...

My best,

Web Dimensions, Inc.