Lists Building for Beginners in an Internet Marketing World

Lists Building for Beginners in an Internet Marketing World


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Introduction to Internet Marketing. 4

Internet Marketing. 4

Origin of E-Marketing. 4

Scope and Importance of Internet Marketing. 5

Advantages of Internet Marketing. 5

Limitations OF Internet Marketing. 6

What is List Building?. 8

List Building. 8

List Building – Quality versus Quantity. 8

Importance of List Building. 10

Why Build a List?. 10

Advantages of List Building. 10

Necessities of List Building. 12

List Building Secrets. 14

Ways to extract good quality customer’s List. 14

Ways to achieve more high quality conversions in consistency. 14

Features of an Actual Worthy List Building Tutorial 17

Thing You Should Obtain From a Good List Building Tutorial Program.. 17

Ways to Build Profitable E-Mail Marketing Lists. 20

Internet Marketing and List Building — Some Basic Facts. 23

Important Things to Consider Building Mailing Lists. 26

Advantages of Email List Building. 29

How to Measure Success with List Building Activities. 31

Short term versus long term relations- A key to success: 31

Ethical versus Unethical List Building. 34

Internet Marketing Methods to Develop Online Business. 41

List Building with Google Ad words. 44

Google Ad words and List Building: 44

List Building with Word Press Blog. 46

Word-Press Blog and List building. 46

List Building with Viral Marketing. 48

Viral Marketing and List Building. 48

Importance of List Building for Websites- A Final Word. 50


Introduction to Internet Marketing


Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark.  You know what you are doing, but nobody else does. - Stewart Henderson Britt (

An effective marketing strategy is considered to be the key for any business to generate profits. Businesses might invest extensively in research to develop the best products with ultimate quality and valuable features but they will eventually become a piece of rubbish if nobody knows about that product. Here comes the role of effective marketing, which helps you stimulate sales and generate profits. Marketing means the utilization of effective marketing mix (the 4 P’s- products, pricing, placement and promotion) to stimulate exchange of goods and services among individuals and organizations. Effective marketing is believed to be the backbone for a successful business strategy and involves identifying customer needs, producing products, pricing them, distributing them and promoting them to generate sales.

Internet Marketing

Definition: Internet marketing also referred to as online-marketing, web-marketing, or e-Marketing, is nothing but the marketing of products or services over the Internet. It is a way of selling or advertising your product or services through the use of, the internet.”

Origin of E-Marketing

The origin of internet marketing can be attributed to the invention of Internet, a global data communication system. A revolution, that brought the media to a global audience. Today internet is considered as the medium of mass communication.

“In a national survey in 2009, the Pew Research Center found that 74% of American adults (ages 18 and older) use the Internet. The same study found that 60% of American adults use broadband connections at home. 55% of American adults connect to the Internet through a wireless network like a public/private access point, a WiMax network, or a cellular 3G/4G network through a mobile cellular device.”

“Also according to IPA (Institute of practitioner’s in advertising) Touch point’s consumer attitude survey shows that British people have significantly increased their internet usage in recent years.’’

In late 1990’s when the use of internet gained popularity and attracted millions of people to surf around the globe, businesses realized that there is no preferable way than internet to reach to masses. They soon started using internet as a medium of communication and hence it gave birth to the field of Internet Marketing.

Scope and Importance of Internet Marketing

The interactive nature of Internet marketing in terms of providing and eliciting instant responses is a unique quality of the medium. It encompasses a much broader scope as today it does not only involves the marketing on the internet or via email and wireless media only. But its scope has been expanded to the use of management of digital customer data systems and electronic customer relationship management systems (ECRM), which are widely used in businesses today.

As technological advancement has brought with it several additional functions and uses of the internet, internet marketers are incorporating these features to evolve creative means of marketing their products and services including design development, online sales, placement of media along different stages of the customer engagement cycle through search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing and advertising, banner ads on specific websites, Web 2.0 strategies are just to name a few.

Hence with the advent of internet marketing, its prevalence have been observed in every industry from online banking, to virtual universities, to internet auctions like eBay and various e-stores, etc. PricewaterhouseCoopers reported that US$16.9 billion was spent on Internet marketing in the U.S. in 2006.

Hence, today companies and businesses are vying online space and are seeking to adopt web marketing strategies to increase viewership and traffic to their websites and to enhance profits eventually.

Advantages of Internet Marketing

Recent technological advancements in the telecommunications industry has dramatically affected online marketing techniques, As a result the, marketers can engage and connect their audience with their campaigns more effectively. Today, a number of firms are embracing a paradigm that is shifting the focus of advertising methodology from traditional text and image advertisement to online marketing. Modern Web Marketing technologies help marketers to shape consumer attitudes and feelings towards specific products and services. Various advantages of e-marketing over traditional marketing are listed below,

  • List Building:

One of the most responsive and primary sources of traffic that you should definitely try to reap is natural search engine traffic. Online marketing methods and strategies help businesses not only to direct traffic to their website but also you can use different tactics to generate your visitors email addresses and develop an effective list of leads for your business. List building and online marketing go hand in hand and this factor is so crucial that we have spent the rest of this text understanding the importance of list building and the role of internet marketing to optimize potential list building. 


  • Cost Effectiveness:
  • Internet marketing is a medium of mass communication; hence it is relatively an inexpensive source when compared to the ratio of cost against the reach of the target audience. Companies can reach a wide audience as compared to traditional marketing mediums.


  • Interactivity:


The interactive nature of online medium allows the prospective consumers to research and purchase products and services at their own convenience. Therefore, businesses have the advantage of generate results quickly. Also you can generate customers’ feed backs and comments that will help you analyze your customer’s needs and improve your strategies.



  • Easily Traceable Results:

 Almost all aspects of an Internet marketing campaign can be traced, measured, and tested. So web marketers enjoy the advantage of measuring statistics easily and inexpensively. Using variety of methods like, pay per impression, pay per click, pay per play, or pay per action. Therefore, marketers can determine which messages or offerings are more appealing to the audience.



  • Greater Sense of Accountability:

 As discussed above the results of campaigns can be measured and tracked immediately, Internet marketing can provide a greater sense of accountability to marketers. Marketers can determine which offerings, services and techniques are more appealing to its audience, which cannot be that quickly and that effectively through traditional forms of offline marketing.


Limitations OF Internet Marketing

One of the crucial limitations of online marketing from a buyer's perspective is the inability of shoppers to touch, smell, taste or "try on" goods before making an online purchase. This is the reason why companies usually offer liberal return policies in order to improve sales online.

It is imperative to note that internet marketing is not all about huge advertising and a successful website launch. Marketers need to imply an intensive marketing strategy and to ensure the effectiveness of all marketing tools to optimize gains. But remember the crucial factor to increase sales is site optimization. Companies need to carefully target their marketing techniques to potential customers. But the important question is how to find list of potential customers. It requires careful analysis and selection to build customers list. Our next chapters will be focused on exploring the importance of list building in e-marketing and ways and means to obtaining optimal customers lists.





What is List Building?


What is List Building?

As we have explored the importance of e-marketing to ensure a successful business strategy. Businesses in order to survive and hammer competition require an extensive e-marketing strategy to reach out to a maximum number of potential and prospective customers and to generate maximum profits. But the question here arises that should web marketers market their products, services, ideas and campaigns to everybody like sending bulk of emails to anyone, who has an email account?? Is it functional?? Or you would be considered as another junkie and might be perceived negatively by your target audience. Here comes the importance of list building. Let’s explore what is list building??

List Building


List building is nothing, but creating and developing a list of potential customers, and keeping a record of their contact details like email address and other contact information that helps you to reach out to your customers to offer your services or products or campaigns. List Building is actually developing a database of not only your current customers but also those who have either only visited your website or have shown a bit of interest in your product or service.

List building is actually the life line of email marketing and it is considered to be a must for web- marketers today and it is a crucial tool for businesses to build valuable customer relationship that is fundamental to attain long term success in your business. Although it seems to be a simple concept, list building and management in connection with list marketing can be a complex and labor intensive process. It requires networking skills, media promotion skills, a working knowledge of social marketing and some simple webpage design management to ascertain profitability.

List Building – Quality versus Quantity

The most important thing to remember is that never compromise quality over quantity. There are all sorts of companies which offer effective lists building services for very attractive cost. But they don’t work. You may have thousands of e-mail addresses without actually knowing how they were acquired, whether these prospects are actually in your offer, if the permission was taken from these prospects for their inclusion in the list. Also the contacts might be even decades old or even dead in most cases but you will never find out. These entire factors may result in branding yourself as a spammer and that will be the end of your e-mail marketing journey.

Hence building list effectively is also time-consuming. But will furnish genuine prospects that have interest in what you offer. Therefore, quality matters for long term benefits.






Why Build a list – It’s Importance


Importance of List Building

Why Build a List?


List Building is considered today as an investment in your business that can help you escalate your profits. Appropriate customer lists today are viewed as an asset by web marketers. Web list provides you an opportunity to grab your customer and develop long term relationship with them.

Mr. Allen Joseph the author of “77 secrets” shared his personal experience on the importance of list building. He writes;

“I once spent a weekend in Shanghai and visited a restaurant. They had one of those 'drop your business card in this bowl and win a bottle of champagne' things happening. I duly dropped my business card in there and now, years later, around every 3 months, I get an email from them advising me of the special nights they have coming up. The next time I'm in Shanghai I will probably give them another visit, if only for their persistent nagging (and who knows? I might get to win that champagne this time around).”

If you have an online existence, than it doesn't matter what business you are in, you need to develop a list as without a list you will not be able to market your products or service. Your potential customers contact details will help you maintain long term relationship with your customers and you can reach out to them to offer yourself, your offerings and your services. No matter where your customers live, if they are on your list, then you can communicate. But it is also critical to ensure that never bombard your customers with excessive adverts or false offers. Approach them when you think you have something to say or sell, that might be interesting and beneficial for them and not for you.

Advantages of List Building


List below are the few advantages of creating and maintaining an effective list to ensure long term existence of your business.

  • Increases your customer base
  • Tool to achieve customer lifetime value
  • Improves customer relationship
  • Knock off competitors
  • Increases your popularity













Necessities of List Building

Necessities of List Building

The main concern of list building on internet with your business is that if the list is compiled appropriately it should consist of individuals who have asked you with intent to give them further details. Or you may say that your list should contain those customers who have an interest in your offering

In this case you can provide them details and offers that they will be having practically good chance of having interest in and thus turn out to be increased sales for you. You can do this every time however make sure you do not overdo this else they might turn out to be an annoyed thing to get flooded with e-mails offerings the recent new thing. On the other hand online promotional strategy should cover the list building as well.

Do not let your customer move away from your website devoid of providing them opportunity of remain in contact. This can be done in three ways. One you can add a button on every page providing your visitors an opportunity of adding the page to their favorite list. After this your URL will be added on their website and they can visit your website with just a click of the button from their favorite list. On the other hand it is an issue that how many individual place a glance on their favorite list? Therefore you can also include a social bookmarking site checklist to your webpage therefore your customers will be able to bookmark your site in their Spur or account.

One more thing you can do is that you could include an opt-in page to all of your web pages. The least you require to detain is the first name and e-mail address. So as to obtain this you will possibly need to provide a freebie like free e-book, course of lessons or circular. Remember to obtain e-mail address of your customers. Try never to let any individual to move away from your website devoid of giving their e-mail id.

The significance of these essentials is highlighted  by the reality that it needs the average visitor to a website up to seven revelations to a product prior to making any purchase decision. Thus you need to obtain the opportunity to provide them information and details of your offerings and products unless your customer purchase your product. If you do not succeed in this you will need to increase your selling opportunity to its highest possible level.
















List Building Secrets

List Building Secrets

Most of the time it is said that the larger the list, larger the profits. However it is not completely right.

Actually the quality of list matters which determines your level of profit making. If the customers you have entered in the list are loyal and good they will pay you thousands of dollars for your product. It is an absolute natural phenomenon that quality and quantity are negatively related. Therefore in the options given to you take out a small list of quality customers every time.

Ways to extract good quality customer’s List

The moment you have obtained a good flow of quality traffic to your site you require to sustain as much of them as you can by acquiring the names of quality individuals who have accessed your website. This can be done in many ways

  • Pop-ups are the most famous way which is not liked by visitors however webmasters love it only due to the fact that they actually tend to work.
  • Furthermore the squeeze page are getting popular increasingly day by day where you actually squeeze the name and e-mail address of visitor prior to letting them to visit the website.

The effectiveness of these two ways depend on how captivating your copy writing and bullet points are, to make your visitor convinced to fill the name capture form. You could obtain conversion rates from 20% to may be its double figure relying on the ways through which your visitors got to visit your website such as via Ad Word, article, search engine outcomes or suggestions and so on.

Ways to achieve more high quality conversions in consistency

You only require providing your visitors some material to go through prior to demanding their name and address. In this way you will not break the first marketing rule that is do not make your potential customer annoyed from you. Moreover you can also prove your value by allowing them to see that kind of content you are going to provide them. This approach is far better than a headline. That is considered as self praising regardless of how convincing it is and how throat grabbing it is. Self praising contains low credibility rating while compared to letting your customers see for themselves and decide how better you are.

Moreover if the prospective customer subscribes to your list after testing the sample goods that signifies that they are prone to be a match for your offer. If the match is closer there are more chances that you may turn a potential customer into an actual one.

Quality matters not quantity. You will never want those visitors in your list who will never prone to become your customers.

But the list with supreme quality in the world is just as good as your last mailing. Do not imagine for one time all the potential customers on your list are so captivated with you and your website. But the emails are not very effective way to make them your actual customers as the emails are deleted without getting read. Therefore your job is to maintain your name in forefront of mind of your potential customers. You need to struggle to place yourself as the supplier of choice.

For this cause you must be mailing your list once a week at minimum. And in beginning more frequent that once in a week.

Once you are done with the creation of quality list by any of these ways do not ruin your market repute by vending something in each email or placing something rubbish in every offer. Provide a lot of free things and just offer few things for sale around every 4th email. Even then just offer your products or associated products for which you have personal experience of using.

When you have built your list, protect it as it your quality list appropriately created that will bring amazing lifestyle to you.























Features of an Actual Worthy List Building Tutorial

Features of an Actual Worthy List Building Tutorial

Tutorials and programs for list building flourish a lot on internet. Only few tutorials and programs are good but majority of them are useless however these tutorials and programs for list building assure to build the best list for you and make you wealthy in just one night.

Just remain cautious regarding what you register for as you may waste a lot of your money.

Don’t be in hurry if you find any sales hype very alluring. These programs are created to make the product look appealing to you and they can take out as much money as they can.

It is certain that not every online program is off that sort. There are some useful programs present on internet. If you actually search for them then you will be able to come across some extremely useful programs that are worthy enough to purchase.

Thing You Should Obtain From a Good List Building Tutorial Program

You should expect to obtain following things for sure from a worthy list building tutorial program:

  1. A chain of fast beginning lesson. These programs should make the most beginner internet marketer to implement the primary fundamental steps containing obtaining a product and placing it on internet website thus you have something to create a list for.


  1. You should obtain some actually good videos that cover ways to actually make huge profits subsequent to specializing in fundamentals.


  1. Many Good video guidelines that will exhibit to you how to earn money devoid of bearing any cost. There are many techniques to create your list devoid of paying huge cost charged by program offers.


  1. Materials including articles that consist of all the supporting explanations shown in videos. Favorably in PDF document so that you can download them. It is all the time handy to go through again and again the instructions given in the videos. Reading for multiple times or containing an inscribed check list most of the time through a new light on the matter.


  1. Training clips that in fact describe precisely what is required from you and not only provide general guidelines that require a specialized person who can make you able to pursue them.


  1. Recorded interviews with actual experts. These programs should enable you to listen to interviews of experts on internet or on your MP3 player or iPod.


  1. A wide library consisting of templates that are useful. In case you are paying for a program which teaches you how to build the list then it is reasonable for the tutorial company to include some of the things that they are supposed to be good at performing.


  1. Supporting tele- seminar to carry on learning with discussion on internet. It is a good place to listen to the comments and questions of others when they are learners as well. All of them can have the advantages from these sessions.


  1. An actual good support system is the most necessary thing that should be present. Help desk should be there that provide all together a fast and relevant and complete response to all queries.


If you obtain all of these nine things you can be certain that the tutorial program is useful for you and you will actually learn list building to make money on internet.

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Ways to Build Profitable Email marketing Lists

Ways to Build Profitable E-Mail Marketing Lists


E-mail marketing, often considered to be a form of personal marketing, is one of the most valuable tools in web-marketing. It is more targeted and more focused. In the later chapters we will explore the advantages of E-mail marketing; however this chapter is focused on various ways through which marketers can generate e-mail marketing lists.

  • How to obtain E-mail Marketing Lists?

Marketers are in constant endeavor to capture e-mail ID’s of their prospects that help them distribute their offerings to people directly through e-mails. An effective, targeted e-mail-marketing list is the fastest and cost effective way to reach to the customer directly, create brand awareness, offer products or services directly and turn leads into sales.

But how do you develop your e-mail list? You can either create your own list; buy a list, or both. Listed below are few of the ways to build an effective e-mail marketing list;

  • Use of Websites:

Using your own website to generate mailing list is the most effective and cost efficient way to assemble list of qualified prospects. Most of the companies today build their own lists by harvesting the details of visitors who visit their websites by simply asking them to check a box and enter their name or email address, if they are interested in receiving additional information or future emails. Hence, in this way you can generate your own lists that are reliable and lead you to boost your sales. It should also be noted that do not distribute the contact details for others to use unless asking your contact’s permission.

  • Opt-in email marketing:

Another valuable approach to generate a profitable list is to use "confirmed opt-in email marketing". This also helps you to decrease the number of spam complaints as in confirmed opt-in email marketing, your prospect confirm the request to subscribe to your email list.

  • Use Forums to Get Free Direct Marketing Lists:

One way to develop an effective mailing list is the use of forums. Try to find and join forums that are active and highly responsive. Try to actively participate in the forum, dig out people needs and create an identity of your product by using soft marketing techniques. Try to be a part of the community and then when you gain customers trust you can market your offerings directly to them by collecting email addresses of the people who are interested in your product.






  • Squeeze Pages:


There are several website that use “squeeze pages” which compels visitors to provide their email IDs so as to access the website. This is a kind of “forced lead” that several internet marketers use to build their list. Many programs are available particularly for squeeze page creation.

  • Hire Professional Services:

In order to launch a successful marketing campaign some companies often hire professional permission-based email list marketing companies, which assist companies in planning and executing an effective marketing campaign to meet your strategic objectives. Companies that provide direct-mail lists will even handle the details of the mailing and charge a fee for that. Before hiring these rented lists always ensure that enlists leads are the ones who have agreed to receive targeted mailings.

Hence, the above are few of the ways to generate effective emailing list that can provide businesses a great opportunity to reinforce purchases, introduce new product launches, distribute specific promotions, and increase responses.
























Internet Marketing & List Building

Internet Marketing and List Building — Some Basic Facts

In our previous chapters we have explored several tactics of building lists for e-mail marketing, but what is the logic behind that? How these tactics work and finally pursue the prospect to leave you his e-mail address? Marketers actually focus on the following basic and critical components in their marketing strategies and eventually win leads to their business.

  • Capture Customer’s attention.
  • Provide something of value to them.
  • Capture their information.
  • Create and maintain a win-win relationship.


  • Capture Customers Attention:

Every businessman wants to generate sale by winning customers trust and attention. But the question is how do they establish this relationship? And how can you generate customer’s interest? The only solution is to truly know your target market, to know your people. You must understand their desires and needs. Research extensively to discover, what are they looking for? What problems are they having? What do they really need? You can only bring solution if you know the problem as commonly said as, “Knowing the problem is half the solution”. If you can truly understand what your prospect is really looking for, you're already a mile ahead of your competition.

  • Providing Value to your Customer:

In order to build trust and generate interest, you must provide your customer a solution to his need or problem. But before doing that, you must evaluate yourself. Dig out what is your business all about, and what you have to offer? How can you generate value to your customer? If you know the answer you must be able to bring something for your customer that provides value to him and he gets interested in your offer.

  • Capture Information:

Once you have generated interest in your customer, it is the time now to ask for his information. The prospect will now easily produce his or her contact and get subscribe to your website and hence you can get a reliable and genuine lead for your business.

  • Always maintain a Win-Win Relationship:

As a smart marketer, you must maintain balance between giving and receiving from your list. The key is to truly provide value to your customer by providing them a free sample or free subscription etc and in turn they will supply you their e-mail address and in future after developing a relationship of trust you can make them to purchase your product or services. Hence always develop a win-win relationship to maximize returns and build long-term relationship.

"The surest way to get anything you want in life is to help enough other people get what they want."

Follow these simple steps and you will have a massive and prosperous online business that can earn you success.































Important Things to Consider Building Mailing Lists

Important Things to Consider Building Mailing Lists

In order to generate a profitable business, it is crucial to build and retain relationship with your customers. An effective business strategy is customer focused and the survival factor is to effectively reach to your customers and keeping them informed and updated about your offerings and any other related information that is of their interest and breeds web traffic to your website and an appropriately developed customer list is crucial in your business success. Business may often hire the services of various companies in order to obtain potential customer lists but prudently.

Here are some important factors that should be considered while developing a customer mailing list;

  • Prefer quality over quantity:

As discussed earlier, it is imperative to focus on the quality of the list rather than quantity, otherwise you might end up wasting your money and efforts on people who might are not related to your offerings and cannot add to your company’s profitability. Generate lists of people who are a potential for your business and are most likely to buy your products or services. Hence a high quality contact list is a core behind your success.

  • Reliability:

It is also essential to have reliable information of your customers contact. A reliable list provides you the correct and appropriate contacts of the people who will be most interested in buying your offerings.

  • Regular upgrade:

Once you obtain a reliable and quality contact list, it is essential to keep upgrading it and keep adding new potential customers on your list. Upgrading your contact list with time is vital with expansion of your business you must require additional contacts to promote sales.

  • Verification at regular intervals:

With time your contact list gets outdated, so it is essential to keep verifying and updating the information within your contact list, once you develop it.

  • Lists should incorporate contacts of decision makers:

It is also equally important to have contacts of people who are the real decision makers. For example if you want to market your new product to a company, your list might have several contacts from that company but you can only generate sales when you approach to the key decision makers. So always ensure that the contacts of key decision makers should be included within your contact list.

Building the list is crucial in developing good relationships with your customers; hence contact building should be a priority when looking to improve your marketing strategy and the above listed tips will help you generate effective contacts and help you improve your marketing performance.

































Advantages of Email List Building


Advantages of Email List Building


Email list building – a significant dimension of online marketing. A handful of visitors will purchase a product on their foremost visit to a website. However in case you have captured their e-mail ID you will be able to allure them again to the site at anytime in future with the help of promotional email. This increases your opportunities of transforming a visitor into buying customer to a great level.

The advertisement costs you time and money. Whereas list building gives you a channel to promote your site directly to prospective customers comparatively free of any cost.

By using Squeeze pages, opt-in methods and several other methods as discussed in one of the previous chapter, companies can generate email ID’s of their prospects, where users are provided updates and so on via email subscription but are not compelled to provide their IDs so as to visit the page.

Even in case a handful of visitors that provide their email address in fact go through or reply to any of your emails this is still effectual means to retain a visitor. Every visitor turns out to be a prospective regular visitor if you are able to remain in contact with them via email.

Further than that email lists let you to promote to customers and provide them special offers that may lead to regular sales from the same. Your list is a means to remain connected with your customers as compared to just yielding from them. In case your product is good and you have treated your customers in a nice way you will start building a relationship which is able to make more sales by word of mouth.

This spares some time and energy for you in promotions and is far more worthy as compared to just text hyperlinked image ads. Providing if you are authentic, convincing and do not persecute your email subscribers very often email marketing may prove to be effectual means.

Email list needs a lot of time to be created however is worthy enough in against of the hard work it needs to build and sustain them. Devoid of a list you will all the time search and prod for new customers. As said above, this needs a huge amount of time and skills through advertising. A list gives you a customer base that you are able to remain in contact with all the time all together. With a quality product and smart email promotion you are actually able to make huge profits with the help of your list.
















How to Measure Success with List Building Activities


How to Measure Success with List Building Activities

Web-marketers spent countless hours developing lists, promoting their products and services, and building relationships with their customers every day. It is essential to measure the success of their efforts. Marketers need to know that the money, time and effort they have put into list building and e-mail marketing have eventually resulted in managing existing relationships, and building new relationships.

Before measuring success just ask yourself a few questions. These are crucial questions which will help you track the success of your relationships.  It is essential to think about these questions every week or at the latest every month and this exercise will help you evaluate the success of your actions.

  • How many referrals did I receive?
  • How many referrals did I give out?
  • How many prospects did I get?
  • How many prospects I lost?
  • How many leads actually become buyers?
  • Did the referrals generate any new business?
  • Did the referrals help build any new alliances or partnerships?
  • Am I consistent with my branding efforts?
  • Do I have a positive image with my prospects?
  • Am I providing enough value to my customers and prospects?

If as a marketer you answer these questions honestly you can get a fair idea about the success of your list building activities. Although crucial, the above list of questions is just a starting point to evaluate your success. One should essentially be aware of the power of developing long term relationships that remain throughout life and this is the most important factor that leads to the success of your overall marketing campaign.

Short term versus long term relations- A key to success:


In several marketing books, authors have enforced the importance of developing long term customer relationships to guarantee enduring success in your business. Few marketers use short term tactics to promote sales but those who are professionals and experts are aware of the importance of building loyal customers and they attribute their success to long term retention of their customers that eventually lead to profits.

Hence in order to measure success of list building activities, it is essential to evaluate the cost over value analysis that is internet marketers who want to ensure long term success of their businesses, always consider the basic marketing principle and ensures a balance between the long term value of the customer to their business over the cost of acquiring that customer.

Some marketers use short tactics and focus on hot products and fads that might generate short term business but burn out very quickly. While others focus on building long term success and focus on strategies and principles rather than following fads. Fads burn out quickly while trends have life time value. Just consider mobile industry. Mobile phones are actually fads, the mobile industry is trend. Companies who value long term success know that their customers are actually buying the benefits and not the product itself so they develop a marketing strategy to offer the prospect a solution to their problems rather than a product. Hence, internet marketers would be wise to build their lists and businesses on trends and that ensure the success of effective list building process.






























Ethical versus Unethical List Building

Ethical versus Unethical List Building

Web-marketers are also subject to strict boundaries to imply tactics that are ethical in each and every aspect of their job either advertising, promotional tools, or even list building as there are people who sometimes really abuse the concept of building their lists. In the following few paragraphs we will discuss the difference between ethical and non-ethical ways of lists building practices and this will give you an understanding of the things you must abstain from doing while building your lists.

  • Get Your Prospects Consent:

The first and foremost point of consideration before entering your prospect into your list is his or her consent. Make sure that they have agreed to your subscription or any other offer before putting them on your list. Even if you are hiring a list from a professional company, you must make sure that each and every contact they have provided you is in consent of the respective prospect.

  • There must be an exchange:

The practice of building a subscriber list is always in exchange for something that you are offering to this person. You have to offer something to your prospect in exchange of his contact information. The offer could be anything of interest to your customer for example a free report, a newsletter or maybe some software. There must be an exchange for which the person provides you with their email address so that you can then send them emails. Some times marketers try to use tactics to trick people. This is not only unethical but also builds negative image in your customers mind.

  • Option To Unsubscribe:

Always provide an option to your contact to unsubscribe from the list. It is required under the can spam 2003 act, which means your emails MUST contain your postal address and an unsubscribe link for the person to get off of your list.

  • Link to Unsubscribe should be visible and clear:

Some web-marketers deliberately either don’t provide any unsubscribe link or might use tricks so that people don’t find the unsubscribe link for example, they put about 100 blank lines between the end of the message and the unsubscribe link so that people can't find them. This is unethical and ineffective to build long term relationship with your customers.

  • Never misuse your list:

Always remember that when a person provide you his email address he is given you in exchange for something and this builds a relationship of trust between you and your customer. It is unethical to use that information or sell this to some one else for some other purpose. There is nothing more harmful to hammer your business than to break your customers trust.

  • Never make fake promises:

“Never write an advertisement which you wouldn't want your family to read.  You wouldn't tell lies to your own wife.  Don't tell them to mine.”

David Ogilvy-

As your customer provide you his contact information in exchange of something that interests him or is beneficial for him. Remember that never make false promises. This might give you short term success but it is unproductive for long run success.

  • Never Bombard your customers with e-mails:

It may not be unethical but quite ineffective tactic to start bombarding people with emails once you get the email address of the customer. This annoys customers and is the most common reason due to which your subscribers will start unsubscribing your email list.


List building is a two way street, and build on trust. Hence, using unethical means might provide you the leads but may never generate sales and are crucially harmful to sustain long-term success.



















List Building Tips for Newbies

List Building Tips for Newbies

Web marketers today see list building as their first and foremost priority. With extensive competition on the internet every company must want to attract traffic to their web site and list building, therefore has emerged as an effective means of attracting customers and make your business grow at a mounting pace. Remember, the first step in effective online marketing is to provide ample opportunity for customers to sign on for what is known as the "opt in" email list. This will allow you to entice reliable customers onto your email list, ones who will remain there long enough for you to get their repeat business.

Let’s explore some tips for newbie to improve their list building.

  • Relevant Content:

Make your content relevant keeps your subscribers inclined and boost their interest. High quality and valuable information within the email, along with any special promotions or deals you are currently offering will not only prevent customers from unsubscribing to your email list, and probably build repeat business at the same time.

  • Add more subscription boxes to your website

It is always recommended to use a subscription box at each and every page of your website. Good marketers know that any point of contact with your customer is another opportunity to ask them if they would like to sign up for your email list as effective list management is one of the best ways to broaden your customer base and bring current customers back for repeat business.

  • Offer some reward:

In order to push people towards furnishing you their email addresses, you may use some incentives like offering free software or membership or offering a coupon for money off the next purchase etc that will help you generate an effective list.

  • Viral Marketing:

Viral marketing is a new way of marketing that can get you thousands of new subscribers without incurring huge costs.

  • Word Press Blogs:

Word press blogs are increasingly gaining popularity now a days with latest features and options that can help marketers especially newbie’s to generate effective building list. In this text a whole chapter is allocated on the effectiveness of web press blog in list building.

  • Use Popup windows:

Although mostly annoying, but creating popup is in fact an effective and easy way of generating contacts, especially in niche markets. Popup can be created on entry or exit times. Popup window might get annoying if it keeps showing again and again so what you need to do is to use popup that allows you to tell if the person has already seen your popup before so it won’t appear again and again.

  • Create a Squeeze Page:

A squeeze page is a simple subscription form and allows the visitors to either sign up for the email list, or leaves the website. They will have to make a choice here. This tactic provides you with people who are actually interested in your offering and this is precisely what a marketer should be striving for.

  • Use Auto Responder:

If you are a newbie, you should set up an auto responder. A number of companies today are using this. Whenever you try to buy something online or any information, they ask you to furnish your name and email here. It is a lot easier to market to people who are interested in what you are selling than to complete strangers.

  • Trade Ads With Other Publishers:

An effective method for newbie is to trade Ad with other publishers. You basically place an ad for other publishers in your newsletter and they do the same in return. It works well when your mailing list is small and you are in your growth phase, than this simple method might work best.

  • Place options to Unsubscribe:

It might sound vague, but actually a good idea to build positive image. Offer plenty of visible means for unsubscribing from the customer list, since this openness tells customers that you are building a positive relationship and they feel safe to share their emails.

  • Hire a Professional list:

If you are a newbie, another way to ensure that you build a high quality online marketing customer list and keep them coming back for more is to hire a professional service. But be prudent while selecting among various companies available in the market and also there is a fee attached to it.

Sound marketers never allow people to leave after they visit the website once. They employ a combination of above techniques in an effort to keep the visitors coming back for more and to beat their competitors.
























Internet Marketing Methods to Develop Online Business

Internet Marketing Methods to Develop Online Business

As we discussed earlier that as internet has become the medium of mass communication, businesses around the world are becoming online. It is indispensable for companies to effectively market their products and services to their online customers in order to perk up their sales and hence breed profits. Today companies are adopting various forms of online marketing to achieve their targets. E-marketing for online businesses comprises of a wide variety of marketing methods, strategies and techniques that can not only help you to market and promote your products and services efficiently, but also to create and build your brand image in your customers mind. Also these online methods help businesses to develop their customer data base in the form of effective customer list, which can eventually lead you to success.

Online marketing methods are fundamental tools to develop e-businesses. They generally are more cost effective as compare to traditional offline marketing methods in terms of their accessibility as online marketing efforts can reach to masses of audience using online medium of communication.

Let’s discuss a few online marketing methods which are extremely powerful and valuable to promote and bring success to online business.

  • Sponsored Ads

It is an extremely powerful marketing method which can drive a huge amount of traffic to your website within just a few days. Also known as pay per click, many famous search engines like Google, Yahoo and several others run these ads. The ads generally appear at the top or side of the normal search results. These ads may or may not be expensive as it success depends on the number of clicks it gets. These Ads are keywords focused and bring reliable people to your website, manifesting genuine interest in your offer, or product or services. But the crucial thing to remember here is that these Sponsored Ads can only divert traffic to your website. Now once you get traffic your role as a marketing person is to develop your website so informative and interesting that it actually appeal your prospect and lead your prospect to sale.

  • Article Marketing

Article marketing is another common method for advertising. It is basically marketing your internet businesses online by means of writing and posting articles. Just like sponsored Ads, the success of article marketing is also subject to the effective selection and placement of keywords within your article. Key words are crucial for search engine optimization. When implemented effectively, keywords will get you high rankings in the search results. Once you develop your article, you can post it to various online directories like Ezine articles or others. You can also develop links to your website in your article, which might boost online traffic to your site. Article marketing is a relatively slow method of marketing but once you develop yourself you will start getting consistent traffic to your website.

  • Social Networking –Viral Marketing

As the name entails, social marketing involves marketing through social websites like My Space, Twitter and Face Book. Social media platforms such as Face book and Twitter are getting popularity day by day. One reason of their popularity is because they are viral, that is being linked from one profile to another. It is critical to remember that never market your business directly on these sites as it is a social media. You can post a link to your site or article. Face book offers a system of creating some business pages, developed specifically for businesses to market their product or services.

  • Blogging

Create a blog about your business and offerings and post things that are informative and interesting to your audience can be extremely powerful e-marketing tool. You can also engage into other people’s blogs and mingle with other visitors to share knowledge and information. Blogging can be very effective to develop reliable customer lists. Several blog publishing applications like Word Press can be effective in generating effective contacts lists for your business.

The above internet marketing methods are the most popular and effective tools used by huge numbers of companies today. But always remember that most of them can bring tons of online visitors’ traffic to your web site, and once you get the traffic now it is the quality content that can lead your prospect to develop interest in your offering and eventually generate sale and build up profits. In our next few chapters we will discuss the most latest and popular e-marketing services or channels available on most famous search engines and their role in building effective customer lists.





















List Building with Google Ad words

List Building with Google Ad words

E-marketing is a very vast field and there are several methods of marketing your products and services online. Google Ad word is one of them. Google Ad word is a service, the first of its kind, which is introduced by Google, designed to selling advertising services on the Internet. Google Ad words proved to be a milestone in online advertising and redefined the whole concept of online marketing.

Google Ad words and List Building:

One of the main characteristics of Google Ad Words is pay per click, i.e. you only pay for the display of your advertising that is actually viewed by the traffic. As a marketer, your ultimate aim is to get traffic to your website, and not to your competitors’ site. Google Ad words help you generate effective contacts to your list. One single campaign at Google Ad words can bring you quality subscribers and generate you profits.

In order to understand how Google Ad words works you must follow the following basic strategies;

  • Key word selection is the key to success. It is imperative to select those keywords and phrases, that you might think people will use in their search. Google has a lot of help on this and you would be well advised to take advantage of it. The more targeted your keywords are the better your list will be. Also you should ensure that your keywords selection and placement should be targeted towards optimizing Google search engine algorithm.
  • Google Ad words services also help you test each keyword. You can use the Google Ad words keyword tool to come up with related keywords that might be effective to generate traffic and can check the key words density etc.
  • In order to design an effective campaign, knowing your target market is crucial, so that you can create effective contents on your website that are a vital source of information and interest to your visitors and might help in effective list building.
  • It is also essential to monitor your campaigns closely so that they never get out of control and breaks your budget. Few campaigns can take off very quickly than others. Also it gives you an insight over the effectiveness of your keywords and your content.


Hence, Google Ad words can help you build very profitable lists for you against very minimal cash outlays. And the subscribers they generate are extremely reliable and very responsive. It eventually helps you to stimulate sales and generate long term profits and business stability.












List Building with Word Press Blog

List Building with Word Press Blog

Word-Press is an open source CMS (content management system), often used as a Blog Publishing Application powered by PHP and My SQL. Used by over 12% of the 1,000,000 biggest websites, Word-Press is the most popular CMS in use today.( source- By October, 2009, the 2009 Open Source CMS Market Share Report reached the conclusion that Word-Press enjoys the greatest brand strength of any open source content management systems

Basically word-press is not just another blog website. Although you can create your blog over here easily but word-press provides you endless possibilities to cover and design up your blog in order to attract visitors. There are over thousands of free design templates that are available for word-press website. Word-press blog due to its various features are now also known as word-press websites. Many cmpanies can moved their website on word-press servers due to its high convenience and quick maintenance possibilities with several plug-in modules available that can be easily integrated to your word-press website. Word-press websites help a lot to gather visitors through SEO optimized content, the content is built mainly in PHP language that is also open source and you are allowed to modify each and every thing in the webpage. The widgets, gadgets and plug-ins are the word-press USPs that differentiate it from the rest and this is the prime reason that word-press is one of the biggest blogging server in the world.

Word-Press Blog and List building

With several possibilities list building is another technique that you can implement through word-press. Although this is not intentionally provided by the word press servers, but if you are capable enough of making the smart moves list building will be an easy and enjoyable task. Several tips to improve list building using word-press blog are listed below;

  • Make sure that the content you post on the blog is SEO optimized. You can also install SEO Pressor, a plug-in which is very effective in tracking your SEO as you create your post. Once installed on your word-press blog, this plug-in will determine how well your post scores for SEO and will also track keyword density. Hence it will help you to optimize SEO and generate traffic to your site, which will eventually help you to generate leads for your business.


  • Posting links or back links may also improve your blog’s ranking and hence optimize traffic to your website.


  • You can also add popup windows to your blogs and ask for visitors’ emails I order to build your lists.

Hence these are a few tips that you can incorporate while creating and running your word-press blog, and obtain reliable contact lists.











List Building with Viral Marketing


List Building with Viral Marketing

Viral marketing refers to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks like You tube, Face book etc to increase brand awareness and to achieve other marketing objectives  through self-replicating viral processes. The term viral has been attributed to its self replicating nature, as it is being linked from one profile to the next profile. Viral marketing is basically word of mouth marketing generated through social websites.

Viral marketing services (VMS) in its broader sense include full service marketing, advertising, and media brokerage. There are outsourced companies hired by businesses for these services. Today many organizations are hiring VMS companies to seek their professional insight and expertise in effective marketing strategies and advanced internet technology. This might help supply more leads, sales, and profits to businesses. Basic factor of success of a viral marketing services company is based on its ability to successfully leverage many forms of media to create a large market presence for the client. VMS companies do not only search out leads for the client but they actually create prospects and develop brand recognition by exclusive advertising and other branding services.

Viral marketing potentially can generate buzz about your business quickly. Once a viral campaign has been launched, its self-replicating nature makes it a low cost and low maintenance marketing campaign. Also as your message or products are pushed through people and not you, it is generally more trusted by your prospects build positive brand image and develop better leads for your business.

Viral Marketing and List Building

Here are some ways through which you can create brand awareness and create leads for your business through viral marketing;

  • Use a strategy that actually encourages people to share your message with others like you might send them a message to offer some free gift of their interest when they sign up, so any person who will use your service will forward it to his friends and other people.
  • You might generate a content that is funny, controversial and polarizes your target audience.
  • Always create means that makes it easier for people to spread and share anything you are giving away example an offer or a product etc.

Building a viral marketing campaign can be tricky. Not all of them are as successful as their creators want them to be. You can follow the above tips to make it effective and create more leads for your business to spur profitability.












Importance of List Building for Websites

Importance of List Building for Websites- A Final Word

In this text, we have explored that every businesses having online existence is facing internet war amongst millions of competitor’s websites to attract traffic to their website. The most responsive and primary sources of traffic that they try to reap is natural search engine traffic. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN supply an almost infinite stream of traffic to websites. Marketers usually make it a goal to generate maximum search engine traffic to every project they venture into. And the most important factor that can improve a websites ranking and viewership is an appropriately developed customer list. In fact list building and website ranking go hand in hand. Effective lists can improve website ranking and by increasing your website’s viewership companies can in turn generate a number of potential leads for their business.

There is no denying the importance of listing building. Online marketers apply a number of techniques to lead their prospects to their websites. The most common form is e-mail marketing. If you have proper lists of potential customers, you can e-mail them directly and offer some product, or service or even some free gift and link your website to your e-mail. This strategy will create interest in customer and they will straight away visit your website to obtain further information and details.

In fact, if you successfully use list building as part of your business model you will retain your current customers and will keep them coming back time and time again. This will improve your website ranking and you can easily cut-off competition.

It is also imperative to mention here is once you successfully develop and maintain a mailing list, you can forever keep in contact with your valued customers, and it helps you build a relationship of trust and the customer start revisiting your website even without any reminders as he gets associated to your site and this will help you earn money when business numbers are down.

Remember that the larger your list grows; it is more likely to get more visitors to your website. But smart marketers know that this is not it. Their ultimate goal is to promote sales, turn leads into sales, and influencing your customers to revisit your site again and again to sustain long term relationship. And to achieve all these objectives it is imperative that your content is informative, productive and interesting your customer and you must deliver some benefit to them. Hence, apart from effective list, no one can deny the importance of quality content for long term customer relationship, profitability and success.