Make Money Online For Free: Email Marketing

Email marketing isn't an internet marketing technique per se. The reason is that you will have to use other internet marketing techniques to build your list. However, once you have started building your list, and you have subscribers to market to, you can use this to help you increase your income. You'll be able to write an email, send it out, and then get a pay check. This is how many big name internet marketing gurus increase their income.

Before you start building your list, the first thing you need to do is to determine what the topic of your list will be. This will determine the subject matter of your emails. Although this may seem obvious, if you don't pay attention to your list, you can end up sending them emails that aren't related to your list topic.

When you do this, you can alienate your readers and cause them to unsubscribe. Be clear about your topic and only send emails that are related.

Next, get an autoresponder. Write a few messages to add to your autoresponder. Try to contact your list at least once a week. I don't contact my lists more than twice a week, including my prewritten emails. Remember that your subscribers are busy. They don't have a lot of time to read your emails, so don't bombard them.

Mix up your emails. You don't want to send your readers all sales messages. You're building a relationship here so tell others about yourself. Allow them to get to know you. Share stories from your life. Write articles to share with your readers. Give them information, don't just send them sales messages.

Now, you're probably wondering, what your emails should say. First, start with a clear headline. You want to write a headline that gets your readers' attention. Make them want to open your email. The easiest way to do this is to keep a swipe file of emails you've received that you either purchased the product or found compelling. Use these headlines as a template for creating your own.

Introduce your readers' problem. Then explain how the product will solve the problem. Include a call to action with the link. Keep your email short and sweet. Otherwise, you'll have trouble getting it through the spam filters, and your reader may not see it.

Your call to action doesn't have to be anything complicated. Use something simple like "click here" or "visit this site" or "go here for more information." Just make sure you tell your reader what to do. It will get you more clicks.

Now, get busy and start building your list. Build a relationship with your readers and "talk" to them regularly. You'll build credibility, and if you solve their problem, and they'll buy from you.

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