Make Money Online Scams: Do They Still Exist

If there’s one thing that’s certain about money, it’s that there will always be someone who tries to take more than they’ve earned. For this exact reason, unfortunately, I think it’s fair to say that make money online scams do still exist.

Of course, not everyone is out to snag our wallets.

But, let’s face it: when promises of “big bucks” are made...even the most rational person’s common sense can quickly melt away. That’s why it’s important to stay alert.

Here are a few things to remember that will help you avoid make money online scams...

Tip #1 To Beat Make Money Online Scams: Always Have A Plan

Imagine if you were traveling to a country you were completely unfamiliar with.

Would you travel late at night with a map and a set destination, or would you “wing it” and go wherever your four wheels take you?

The problem with not having your map or a plan is that you can very easily get lost and be vulnerable to directions from complete strangers. Or, to put it another way, you might get distracted and decide to stop off at every tourist destination you pass.

Before you know it, you’ve wasted time and barely have enough cash left to keep going!

The same idea applies online:

If you have a plan, you don’t have to worry about getting distracted and will be better able to make informed decisions.

If it doesn’t fit with the plan, it will be easier to ignore it.

Tip #2 To Beat Make Money Online Scams: Do Your Homework

The great thing about online, is that there are so many different websites that review different types of products. And the same is true for make-money-online products.

Instead of making impulsive decisions, why not do a little research to see what others have said?

But remember: some sites are likely going to be biased, since reviews are a popular way to generate affiliate income.

Tip #3 To Beat Make Money Online Scams: Keep Your Emotions In Line

These days, you’d think everyone would be aware of all the different types of scams out there.

In fact, maybe a majority of people ARE aware of them.

So why, then, do so many people still fall for such obvious ploys?

Simply put: their emotions.

If you look at more traditional scams, such a lottery scams, you’ll find that they are sometimes successful with no more than just a few letters sent. Nothing fancy - just a few plain, official-looking letters.

Now, consider all the different tools available online...

Flashy sales videos, professionally-written sales letters, convincing testimonials - all these and more, each far more compelling than some simple letter.

(Sidenote: Obviously there are also legitimate marketers that use these same tools. I’m not saying anyone that uses them is a con artist.)

Tip #4 To Beat Make Money Online Scams: Remember The Golden Rule!

What, you ask?

Repeat after me: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Know it, say it, remember it.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but your own common sense is the best defense against any type of scam thrown at you.

Final Thoughts On Make Money Online Scams...

It doesn’t take much looking until you come across sales letters filled with big numbers, exotic cars and a whole lot of different promises.

While you will read about people that have made these things a reality, always remember to do your research, use your best judgement and keep your emotions in check.

Doing these things will almost guarantee you stay safe from make money online scams.

Once an International Recording Artist in the 90's, Jammin' the Reggae Music around the world, Billy Stoll is now a devoted family man living in Los Angeles and Sao Paulo Brazil. What's Billy's mission in life now? After years of conforming to mediocrity in the workplace, unable to ignore the feeling of greater purpose left unfulfilled, he is rediscovering ambitions long forgotten and once again making huge changes in his life. From M.T.V to J.O.B and back "on the road" to freedom! Check out how Billy is reclaiming his freedom by subscribing to his Internet Marketing Newsletter.