Make Money Online Using a Free Blog

There are many ways to make money on line. Whether you are selling products or service, your success will be determined by your ability to get interested people to visit your website. We refer to these visitors as targeted traffic.

You can have the best looking website and the best products or services, but if you don't have targeted traffic you will never make money on line. The key to making money online is to have targeted traffic visiting your website often.

Traffic builds Traffic:

It's important to note that the more traffic your website gets the more relevant and valuable the search engines will believe it to be. When the search engines see a high volume of traffic to a website from many different sources it will increase your website ranking and begin to send you targeted traffic.

Your job if you ever wish to make money online is to learn and use every resource you can to drive targeted traffic to your website. Generating this traffic will not happen by accident. It will take hard work and a carefully drawn up plan. That you must stick to, and take action every day. If you can commit to taking action every day you will make money on line.

Take Action:

There are so many distractions on the internet you can get side tracked. Reading your email or buying into some get rich quick scheme is not taking action for you business. You might as well go watch television. At least then you will not be fooling yourself into thinking you are trying to make money online.

Free Traffic.

I am going to assume that you are on a shoestring budget. So let's explore one of my favorite targeted traffic methods. It is my favorite because it is free, and you only get laser targeted traffic to your website. All the top earners in internet marketing use this one.
Start Your Own Free Blog:

This will be your own website, which you can optimize for search engine ranking and always be in control. Use your blog as a content manager; you can post all your articles and latest information that you would like to share with your readers. This is why search engines love blogs. Blogs are a great source of fresh new content.

Free Blogs:

I suggest you start with one of the free blogs available ( & are the two most popular and easiest to convert to a paid blog in the future. They cost you nothing and are a great way to get started. Later you will switch them into paid blogs where you will pay to host them. That's just another way to make money on line. For now let's stick to this easy strategy.
You have set up your free blog and now you will spend about ten dollars to purchase a domain name. If you go to my blog I explain how to choose a good domain name and why. You will forward your domain name to your blog this is simple.

Next Step:

Now that you have a domain name you will create a signature. Again this is simple whenever you put your name to something you just include your domain name. Put it on your emails, your articles. Anyplace you put your signature you put your domain name this is your home address on the World Wide Web.

Go Visiting:

Go to Google and research blogs in your niche, read them, and see how they are laid out (formatted). See if you can pick out their keywords, many times they will be in bold print. At the end of the blog post there is usually a comment link. Click on the link and leave a comment. Be positive and leave a nice message that you expect people to read because they will. With your nice comment you leave your signature, with your domain name. You now have created a link to your website in this case your blog, where targeted traffic will visit to read your blog where you can tell them about your opportunity to make money online. The more blogs in your niche you leave comments on the more Targeted traffic to get to visit your website.

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