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Online Marketing is one of the most important factors if not the most important factor for making money on the net. You could have the best product or the nicest looking website but if no one is aware of your product or website then there will be no sales. The internet is full of competition so you have to make sure you have the necessary resources to be able to have the exposure needed to make profits.

There are many methods to start marketing online; you need to understand that this should be a gradual process, unless large amounts of capital are available to invest in this area. I personally prefer to do my marketing without spending any money; it takes longer to get the exposure wanted but the advantages are you learn about different methods and ideas and build on different platforms to get more viewers and in turn more profits.

One method I like using is article writing just what I am doing now, the key is to offer something useful to the reader, to share your ideas and experiences so it works in two ways; the reader gets something useful and the writer gets exposure.

Blogging is a long term method for marketing. It takes only a few minutes to set up a blog and done, you can start writing about your product just like a review or description, this will require to write about many aspects of your product so the blog keeps on producing posts which would be in the search engines like Google and once you're noticed by Google then you need to work on SEO (completely different subject, recommend reading about it). The goal is to get exposure by showing up on the top search page of Google, depending on the keyword(s) being used; visitors could range from a few hundred to a few millions, so it is definitely worth trying.

There are many offers on the web for free marketing advice and claiming to make you rich overnight. Most likely it involves a trial period of some sort or it requires you to leave some personal information, these offers may have really good information or free products but be aware you might get a lot of spam email or if you are not careful you may get charged for a product. The key is to look for free resources that will help you on your marketing campaign without having to leave footprints behind.

Other methods that will have an impact on your efforts and that I have used as well include answering questions on Yahoo answers making sure it is useful and you are not self promoting. All you need to do is leave a link back to your site as signature. You may also submit reviews to social bookmarkings like Digg, Reddit, and many more on the net. The key here is to make friends, stay involved, and become popular and this will translate into more views.

Online marketing is all about staying informed and being aware of new trends and resources available to stay ahead of competition, the sky is the limit.

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