Measure Your Success

Measure Your Success
Watch These Stats

Michel, now that you've sent your first email, measuring your email's success is vital for improving your email marketing strategy.

Measuring helps ensure that you're sending the right content to the right people — and in turn, it'll help you make more sales.

Keep an eye on your email's performance in each of these areas:

Open rates: How many people opened your email?
Click rates: Did your audience click the links in your email?
Unsubscribes: Did anyone unsubscribe from your list?
Bounces: Are any of your emails being returned as undeliverable?

Take These Steps for Better Open Rates

There are a few key parts of your emails you'll want to adjust if you're not getting the results you're looking for.

Timing: Through testing, find the time that most of your subscribers are opening your emails, then stick to it.
Subject line: Make sure it's attention-grabbing. Click here to learn more about writing great subject lines.
Content/voice: Are you speaking your subscribers' language? Your content should always reflect your readers.
Frequency of messages: Tell your audience what you're going to send and when so they know to anticipate your messages. If you promised to send a monthly newsletter and suddenly you start sending daily, don't be surprised if your results take a nose dive.

Did You Know...

The AWeber Stats mobile app (available on iOS and Android) helps you stay on top of your campaign stats, any time, anywhere. Download it today!
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So far, we've walked you through setting up sign up forms to grow your list, writing your first email and measuring your email's success. Next, we'll show you how to turn your social media followers into loyal subscribers.


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