To Make Money Online You Need Focus

As I wrote in a previous article there is more and better information and resources available today than ever before for anyone who wants to succeed and make money online. However, that's a double edged sword because even though there has never been more ingenious methods to make money online today, you still have to get started with the right method for you. There are just too many choices.

That is the reason why you need to focus on one single goal in the beginning. How much money do you want to earn? And what is your deadline for this goal?

In other words you need focus. Focus on your goal that is. You can start to focus on something small so you can actually reach it and start feeling good about yourself instead of beating yourself up for not being further along. This will enhance your self confidence and your self esteem. This will allow you to succeed even more. This is what we call a virtuous cycle.

1. Focus on small bite sized steps that you can do so you are never left wondering what to do next. We all know the saying (How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time). If you were to write a book, for example, this may seem overwhelming at first consideration. But if you write let's say one page per day and focus only on that task, then every day you are a successful person! And eventually your book will be written, one day at a time, while you were enjoying the process.

2. Focus on not getting distracted once you have set your course so nothing takes you away from what you have decided to do. This is probably the number one reason why people are not as effective and productive as they would like to be. They are interrupted (or get distracted) by too many unrelated things to their present task. Both the quantity and the quality of the time they allow to their job is not what required.

3. Focus on taking the first step because once you start the action chain-reaction (with the right focus) you'll find that the next steps will become crystal clear. Break everything down into small, simple and easy steps. Every time you accomplish a task, it doesn't matter how small it is, you are building momentum. Success is rarely an overnight wonder. It is a progressive, cumulative process which is getting better and bigger each time.

4. Focus on what will take you to your business goals (not what someone else thinks is best for you). This is important because you will be far more motivated by something that inspires you rather than something you are doing in order to please other people. So how do you do all that without your head exploding? One step at a time.

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