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Welcome to my series on how to build a list and get traffic and opt-ins 🙂

Ok so the very first thing you need to create your very own traffic source is:

1) Creating an opt in offer (bribe) to get people onto your list. So let's do it hey?




There are loads of different ways to create a product. But I am going to show you the quickest and easiest way to get it done.


I need to tell you something very specific about this process but I'll get to that in a bit.


The hardest bit about this process is learning it / reading it. Once you know it, it is super powerful. It may not be sexy, but boy oh boy does it work!


Are you ready? Ok let's get into it.


We are going to look at using PLR to get a product up and complete quickly.


Now stick with me here, because very few people actually get this right, and plenty get it wrong.


Right = success. Wrong = failure.


The way to understand this is you are using someone else's "brain power". You are taking their information. Taking the best bits and making something 100x better with an inch of the effort.


That is cool no?


The site we are going to use is: Tradebit.


Now this is one of the best places to get hold of quality PLR for very little out of pocket or even free in some cases.


Let's create a list building product as an example of a product that we want to create. Say you want to create a product about how to build a list (however this could be anything... how to build a shed, how to make iphone apps, how to learn piano... anything really)


But let's stick with the list example. Go to Tradebit and use the search toolbar:


Enter this: How to build a list


Now check out the results, there are hundreds of products out there that you can take to repurpose for your use and to garnish the brain power of people that have come before.


Find a title you like. There are some good ones, so just pick one. Now search for it again but this time put it between quote marks (you know these things " ")? For example search "product name" in Tradebit's search bar. What this does is give you an instant discount! You can see all the different prices, usually a lot cheaper than the first results.


Next step is to download one you like.


So now we have just bought and downloaded a bit of PLR.


Now we get into the juicy bits. This is the part no one really knows about.


Excited? Good, because it's going to make you money.


We are going to open up the product we just bought and look through it. Just a quick glance over it looking for points that stand out. Looking for the "golden nuggets", looking for the absolute best bits.


You can use the highlighting function in word to extract and highlight the best bits.


But here is the point it becomes even more awesome. We are going to get someone else to do this "boring" bit for us. The nugget search.


Have you heard of Jing? It's a free tool.




Basically Jing allows you to create 5 minute screen captures (videos) of what you are doing. Short, sharp, to the point. And then host them on THEIR site. No fuss. No recording equipment. Nothing.


What we are going to do is create a quick screen capture (video) of the process we are doing (looking for golden nuggets). And we are going to send this screen capture to an outsourcer. We are going to get them to do it for us for about $5.


We are going to say something like this on the Jing screen capture video: "Hey outsourcer, can you please look through these documents and extract the best bits (there is no right or wrong way to do this) just get the bits that standout and place them into word file in an ordered fashion."


You can get jing here → http://www.techsmith.com/jing/


And you can get an excellent outsourcer here → http://upwork.com


Or you could use fiverr if you prefer http://fiverr.com . It's up to you. Just make a quick video instruction and point them to the screen instruction url on jing. Awesome no?


Just in case you haven't fully grasped how awesome this is and the potential just yet here is a step by step video how to setup jing and send to an outsourcer:




Once you have got all the golden nuggets from your outsourcer, I recommend you do this:


Get them to place it into a mind map format over athttps://www.mindmeister.com/


So they have placed the information into a nicely ordered mindmap for you to use as you wish.


Now you have two options either:


1.Turn it into a mind map video presentation yourself (talking through the main points)




2.Go to fiverr and get someone to go through it with you.


Here is a job I found of someone offering this




Then you'll be able to create your own concise, to-the-point video and/or ebook training to either give away or sell.


Suddenly what do we have here? A new concise, killer product that people would actually be interested in.


We now have a product that shows only the very best golden nugget ways of how to build a list.


People love this and they will *happily* pay you for it and that makes the best kind of "Lead Magnet" for your traffic source.


Quick and easy. You really didn't even do that much. You could


knock that out in under an hour.


One hour and you have your very own opt-in product.


Cool (profitable) stuff.


Ok, so those are the main steps involved in creating just one type of awesome simple product.


Pretty easy, right? And the best thing is, you don't even have to do most of it.


1.You can literally buy the product at Tradebit for pocket change


2.Make a quick Jing video highlighting what you want done (extract golden nuggets and placed into word doc or mind map)


3.Talk through the process as a mind map presentation video or ebook.


(If you have a paid account at MindMeister for your mindmaps you can also export your mindmap as a pdf or Word document - so you have your ready-made product already).


Just those three simple steps to having a product. And obviously the more you do this, in different niches, and put those out there for people, the more interaction you're going to have with your websites and so forth.


Wow that was one of the longest emails I have ever written, without a doubt. And I feel like I should end it there but there is still so much more I want to show you about this. Maybe even the next part is the most important? Next we are going to be putting up our squeeze page so we can start collecting emails.


Please make sure you go and create your product now. Just follow the steps, because next we are actually going to put this to good use.


So make sure you open the next email, ok?


See you then,



Web Dimensions, Inc.